Is Tinder Select Worth the $500 Monthly Fee? The Problems With Their Offerings

September 28, 2023

Tinder recently announced a new $500 per month premium service called Tinder Select, reserved for the top 1% of "most active users" on the app. This service promises exclusive features like being able to message matches without approval and having your profile prioritized in other users' feeds. However, Tinder Select's high price tag and limited availability cast doubt on whether it can truly improve dating success for the average user.

Disclaimer: This article represents the opinion and analysis of the author based on publicly available information about Tinder Select. It is commentary and critique of Tinder Select's features and pricing, and should not be interpreted as factual statements about Tinder itself or its motivations. The author makes no claims of insider knowledge or legal violations by Tinder.

Key Features of Tinder Select

Here are some of the main perks offered with a Tinder Select subscription, according to Tinder:

  • Direct message matches without mutual approval up to 2 times per week
  • Profile prioritization so it's seen by more potential matches
  • A "Select" badge to showcase your exclusive status
  • Ability to see and be seen by other elite users
  • Early access to new Tinder features
  • Ad-free experience
  • View likes received in the past week

Women Will Be Inundated With Messages

One of the main selling points of Tinder Select is the ability to message matches without mutual approval. However, this removes the protection of Tinder's two-way matching system, which helps prevent harassment and unwanted advances.

While a small subset of elite users may benefit from unrestrained messaging, this feature could negatively impact many others. Women already deal with a high volume of messages from men on dating apps. Enabling more users to message women who have not shown interest could lead to more ignored or reported messages.

Unchecked messaging erodes safeguards that protect average users, especially women, from unwelcome attention. Removing mutual consent as a prerequisite for messaging may not improve connections and could facilitate harassment for many.

Profile Prioritization Provides Minimal Advantage

Tinder also promises to give Select members' profiles priority in other users' feeds. However, Tinder's algorithm already shows profiles selectively based on calculated "desirability," so a slight artificial bump for paying members is unlikely to make a significant difference.

Tinder's matching system is designed to keep users engaged on the app as long as possible. So whether you pay for Select or not, you're still subject to the same addictive and manipulative mechanics meant to retain you as an active daily user.

Is Tinder Select Worth the Cost for Most Daters?

With a $500 monthly fee, Tinder Select is one of the most expensive dating app subscriptions available. For the average dater, shelling out $6,000 per year is hard to justify based on the benefits provided.

Exclusive Tier Targets Top Users

Tinder has said Select will only be offered to the top 1% of "elite" profiles, so average users likely won't be approved anyway. This service is aimed more at milking more revenue from those who already achieve the most success on Tinder.

For the majority of daters, Tinder Select merely exemplifies the inequality issues already present on dating apps, allowing wealthy and attractive users to further their advantage.

You're Better Off Hiring a Dating Coach or Matchmaker for This Kind of Investment

For the average user, $500 a month is a tremendous amount to put towards dating apps. That kind of money would be far better spent on personal dating and relationship coaching from professional services. Many dating and relationship experts offer packages for a fraction of the cost of Tinder Select.

These personalized coaching services can provide objective feedback on your profile, provide dating advice tailored to you, develop your interpersonal skills, and boost your confidence when interacting with matches. An investment in professional coaching is almost guaranteed to improve dating success compared to giving more money to Tinder's manipulative system.

Companies like Filteroff demonstrate that finding love online requires human insight and expertise. Filteroff's Matchmaker Pro service starts at just $297 per month compared to Tinder Select's lofty $500 per month, yet provides far more personalized and effective matchmaking.

Rather than merely prioritizing you in a faceless feed, Filteroff's matchmakers take a personalized approach unmatched by any app. They vet prospects to ensure optimal matches, accelerate your search, and prevent wasted time with incompatible matches. Filteroff's matchmakers also coach you every step of the way, from getting you to the front of the line to providing feedback on your dates.

Affordable coaching is a smarter use of your money.

The Bottom Line on Tinder Select

Tinder Select provides minimal concrete value beyond inflating already successful users' egos and Tinder's revenues. For average daters seeking relationships, $500 per month grants few additional advantages and locks you further into Tinder's algorithmic hooks.

Rather than paying for exclusivity on Tinder Select, relationship-minded singles may find greater success and value through personalized matchmaking services. Professional matchmakers can provide a more tailored, human-centric experience compared to dating apps.

Services like Filteroff offer affordable matchmaking starting at $297 per month, including profile vetting, dating coaching, and matchmaker-facilitated introductions. For those seeking meaningful connections, matchmaking may be a smarter investment than premium app subscriptions like Tinder Select.

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