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Dear frustrated dater,

The modern dating landscape has really changed, and let’s face it, it sucks.

These days, trying to meet someone on the street, at a bar, or even through a friend is harder than ever.

You basically HAVE to play the online dating game…

And that game also sucks.

You spend hours swiping.

You match with people who are mostly bad fits.

You get ghosted regularly in conversation.

And then, if you actually meet… 

Most of the time, the vibe isn’t there.

OR, the person doesn’t actually look like their profile picture.

In most cases, you’re left having wasted your precious time and money, and you have to go back to the drawing board to repeat this awful process all over again…

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It’s not your fault…

I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret.

Dating apps are DESIGNED to keep you swiping, and staying on the app because they are a business designed to make money.

If you actually find your soulmate, the apps lose money.

So they design the app in a way to keep you from ever really settling.

And some, use clever disguises like telling you they are the one app meant to be uninstalled, but even these are a business. 

They lure you in with those claims, only to employ the same tactics as every other app.

Good news: Yes, your perfect match IS out there

You just have been sold on using the wrong mechanism to find them.

Being inundated with endless likes or endlessly swiping on dating apps is not the easiest way to find your perfect match.

It’s a heavier form of curation.

Hand selected curation.

The term we’re talking about is matchmaking.

When an unbiased third party hand selects the right people for you based on exact preferences across the board. Personality, looks, values, and more are ALL important. 

So, why not just go to a matchmaker service?

Why most matchmaking services also set you up for failure…

For one, most matchmaking services are really expensive - the average person just can’t afford them.

Some even charge upwards of $2,000+ per BAD date…

From there, they usually only focus on finding your perfect match through one lens…

Some of them don’t even let you see a photo of the person before you meet them!

Yet all the research has shown that seeing a person BEFORE going on a date is KEY to success…

Basically, matchmaking services are too expensive and unrealistic for the average person…

They focus on only pieces to the puzzle and not the whole puzzle…

So you’re often paying tens of thousands of dollars for something that’s not working as it should.

Being that we run a dating app that tries to solve the problem of other dating apps, it’s obvious we like to do things differently…

And after analyzing a LOT of data and speaking to a LOT of people we believe we finally found the perfect formula to let you find your perfect match without endless swiping and without breaking the bank just to be disappointed again…

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Filteroff Matchmaker Pro

Filteroff Matchmaker Pro is our new matchmaking service that combines the perfect formula of what people actually need to connect with in order to determine the right match.

Mixed with the personal touch to get you there…

We combine a human matchmaker with a mix of modern AI technology to deliver you a matchmaking service the likes of which has not previously existed…

This means…

  • The fast path to your soulmate. 
  • Sit back and we do the work for you.
  • Tailored matches that are aligned with your preferences.
  • No more flakey dates.

No more…

  • Draining hours on pointless first dates.
  • The frustration of endless swiping.
  • Being bombarded with likes on dating apps.
  • Worries about safety or encountering creeps.
  • The deceitful web of catfishing.

It works as simple as this…

  1. You're assigned a Filteroff matchmaker right within the Filteroff app. They will learn about what you're looking for in a person. This process takes about 10 minutes, far less than even one day’s worth of endless swiping on a standard dating solution.
  2. A Filteroff specialist handles your data with care, using a combination of human-done research and AI to curate the perfect batch of matches based on your preferences, using our proprietary “perfect combo” formula.
  3. The matchmaker will then contact and vet these people on your behalf to set up dates for you, which you’ll see in Filteroff under the messages tab.

That’s it!

A modern task that is normally something stressful, expensive and time consuming that has been degrading your quality of life is now something that’s 

…easier, faster, and bringing you dates you actually want to date!

This works so well for a few reasons…

  • Your prospective date is more likely to respond positively to our matchmakers reaching out than to just getting a “like.”
  • You stand out and elevate your status compared to the others. It’s like we’re hand-delivering you to your prospective match on a silver platter.
  • This is like flying first class in the world of online dating, but without the first class prices.
  • Better quality matches and more video dates with less work. We reach out on your behalf to your prospective dates.
  • Skip the queue. No endless swiping and no endless curation. We bring your ideal matches to you AND set you up with a video date with them.
  • More targeted matches, no work for you. Your ideal matches are delivered right to your Filteroff inbox on a silver platter. 
  • Your safety is key. Our matchmaker vets potential matches so you feel confident about your upcoming dates.

And the results of Matchmaker Pro for others speak for themselves…

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Date with ease

This plan includes
  • Personal Human Matchmaker
  • Custom Tailored Matches
  • Vetting of Matches
  • Adaptive Matching Technology
  • No Swiping, No Endless Chats
  • Straight to Video Dates With Your Perfect Match
$ 497/mo
$ 397/mo

Hear it from those who found their perfect match

Filteroff’s Matchmaking Service is an incredible value! The matchmaker met with me, learned about me, researched potential matches, and found people I was excited to meet and hang out with. It is truly a human and organic process.


Software Developer

Working with a Filteroff Matchmaker was a pleasure. They listened to my preferences and vetted potential matches for me. It was refreshing to receive quality matches where both parties were mutually interested in connecting.



As someone who almost gave up on online dating, I cannot believe the success I've experienced. If you are tired of getting ghosted or not getting enough matches - don't give up, get with a Filteroff matchmaker instead!



Filteroff's matchmaking service has been a game-changer. I literally did no work, just showed up on video dates. It's been everything that I've looked for in a dating service. The best part, I didn't have to swipe on a single person.



Okay, yes this solution is obviously better for results, and quality of life,

but isn’t it going to cost me an arm and a leg?

Yes, normal services that don’t work half as well as Matchmaker Pro cost you an arm and a leg.

However, remember, we like to do things differently.

For a limited time, you can sign up to Matchmaker Pro for just 

😍 $397/month 😍
You have 3 options now

Maintain the status quo and keep diving into the tumultuous ocean of online dating.


Venture into expensive, conventional matchmaking services.


Let Filteroff carry the weight and navigate you towards your soulmate.

Let’s do the math...

Imagine you’re using standard dating app services that cost around $100 per month.

Now, factor in the first dates—let’s say you go on five dates a month and spend an average of $100 on each.

That’s $500 a month on dates, most of which probably don’t lead anywhere.

$100 (dating apps) + $500 (dates) = $600 per month

That’s a staggering $7,200 a year spent on a potentially fruitless search for love!

Now, let’s consider Filteroff Matchmaker Pro. At $397 a month, it seems like a bargain in comparison. Think about the quality of matches you're receiving. You are being presented with matches that are curated, reducing the number of unsuccessful first dates.

This increases the chances of meaningful connections.

$397 x 12 = $4,764 a year

While the annual cost might be considerably less than conventional dating, the real value lies in the curated experience and quality matches. Instead of going on numerous dead-end dates, you could potentially find the right match on fewer, more meaningful dates.

Think about the emotional and time investment as well.With Filteroff Matchmaker Pro, you're prioritizing a targeted approach to finding a genuine connection. Isn't it time to focus on quality and leave the quantity behind?

Invest in your happiness and long-term connection. The quality experience and potential for meaningful relationships far outweigh the costs, making it a wise investment in your personal life.

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What are the next steps after I purchase Matchmaker Pro?

After purchasing Matchmaker Pro, a matchmaker will contact you to learn about what you're looking for in a partner.

What should I do if I’m not currently a Filteroff user?

If you aren't already a Filteroff user, the first step is to register for a Filteroff account. Registration is free and necessary after you purchase the Matchmaker Pro service.

Is the setup process time-consuming?

The setup process is straightforward and efficient. It involves filling out your profile and preferences.

Can I specify particular attributes or interests for my matches?

Absolutely. During your conversation with the matchmaker, you'll have the opportunity to define specific attributes and interests you're looking for in potential matches.

Can I adjust my preferences after starting the service?

Certainly. It's common for clients to refine their preferences as they progress. Your matchmaker will work closely with you, noting what is and isn't effective in your search for your ideal match.

How does the matchmaker determine suitable matches for me?

Our "Perfect Combo" proprietary formula, rooted in comprehensive research, has demonstrated remarkable success in pinpointing compatible matches. It considers a variety of factors, including preferences, interests, and core values shared during the setup process, in conjunction with our expertise in assessing compatibility and understanding human behavior.

How soon will I start getting matches?

Typically, clients start being set up on video dates within 48-72 hours. However, the exact timing may vary based on your preferences and the matches available.

How will I communicate with my matches once they're found?

Once a suitable match is identified and both parties express interest, the matchmaker will arrange a timed video date for you through the Filteroff app.

What distinguishes Matchmaker Pro from the regular Filteroff service?

Matchmaker Pro assigns you a dedicated matchmaker who works exclusively to find matches tailored to your unique preferences and criteria. This service is more personalized than the regular Filteroff service, providing a first-class experience where we pre-screen your potential matches for you.

What happens if I don’t get any matches?

If no matches are found, we'll reevaluate your preferences and collaborate with you to potentially broaden the pool of potential matches.

What is the difference between Matchmaker Pro and Matchmaker Elite?

Matchmaker Elite includes all of the Pro features plus more personalized coaching. You'll get scheduled video coaching sessions with a matchmaker, real-time feedback on messages and profile updates, and priority support. Matchmaker Elite is ideal for singles who want a more hands-on, high-touch experience and additional coaching.

Does Filteroff Matchmaker Pro really work?

Absolutely, Filteroff Matchmaker Pro is designed to effectively help you find your soulmate!