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The Perfect Partnership: Promote Matchmaker Pro to Your Audience

Looking to earn passive recurring income?

Whether you have single friends struggling to date or you work in the dating industry, Filteroff's Matchmaker Elite is an easy recommendation.

Our Matchmaking Service delivers incredible results, making it simple to promote.

Plus you'll earn generous recurring commissions from subscriber referrals.

Become a Filteroff Matchmaker Elite affiliate today!

A Program That's a Win-Win for Both of Us

  • Generous recurring commissions from subscriber referrals

  • High conversion product that delivers results

  • Supplement your income with an effective dating solution

  • Credibility of recommending a premium, effective service

  • Turnkey promotional assets like custom links, emails, banners

How does Matchmaker Elite work for your audience?

  1. Personal Consultation: In just 30 minutes, we gather valuable information about their preferences, values, and goals.
  2. Careful Curation: Our team of matchmakers combines human research and AI technology to curate a selection of potential matches. We don't just focus on one aspect – we consider personality, looks, values, and more.
  3. Exclusive Video Dates: Once we've identified potential matches, we take care of setting up video dates. No more ghosting, catfishing, or time-consuming chats.
Earn 15% Recurring Commissions on Our Product! 😍

Details about the offer:

Filteroff Matchmaker Elite

This plan includes
  • Intake Session
  • Personal Human Matchmaker
  • Custom Tailored Matches
  • Adaptive Matching Technology
  • No Swiping, No Endless Chats
  • Straight to Video Dates With Your Perfect Match


Does it cost anything to join?

It does not cost anything to become a Filteroff affiliate. We pay you for the sales you generate for us.

How much can I earn?

You will receive a 15% commission for the lifetime of the customer you bring on board. Average commissions are $300.

Do you have a more affordable plan for my audience?

Yes, we have Matchmaker Pro which is only $397.

What's the difference between Matchmaker Pro and Matchmaker Elite?

Matchmaker Elite includes all of the Pro features plus more personalized coaching. You'll get scheduled video coaching sessions with a matchmaker, real-time feedback on messages and profile updates, and priority support. Matchmaker Elite is ideal for singles who want a more hands-on, high-touch experience and additional coaching. Here is a comparison chart.

How does my audience join Matchmaker Elite?

There are a couple ways your referred users can upgrade to Elite. The simplest is for them to purchase a Pro membership first. This gives them the option to schedule a call with us where we'll evaluate if they qualify for Elite status. If they do upgrade, you'll receive credit for the referral. They also have the option to book a consultation through our Pro or Elite pages directly. As long as you referred them initially, we'll make sure you get credit for any eventual Elite upgrades.

How do I contact Filteroff?

You may contact us directly from our website under Contact Us.

How do affiliate payouts work?

Payouts are sent via PayPal 60 days after purchases are generated from your buyers.

Do you have email swipes and/or other materials?

Yes! We have a TON of promotional tools. After you register as an affiliate you'll receive an email of swipe files (emails, social posts, graphics, etc.)

How do refunds work?

We align our incentives with our clients. So we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (for Matchmaker Elite only) if the client does not receive a video date within the term of their subscription. On occasion, refunds happen for other reasons as well. When refunds occur, your affiliate dashboard will be updated to reflect earnings adjustments.

If someone upgrades their Pro plan to the Elite plan, will I receive commission on the Elite plan?

Yes, we want to ensure you maximize your earnings when your referrals upgrade their subscriptions. When you refer someone to the Pro plan and they sign up, you receive a commission on their subscription based on the Pro commission rate. If that subscriber later decides to upgrade to the Elite plan, they must complete a discovery call with our dating specialist. This ensures that after they upgrade, you as the original referring partner will now receive commissions at the higher Elite rate for that subscriber.

What if my client/audience clicks my partner link but purchases Pro or Elite at a later date?

Not to worry, we cookie your partner link for 60 days. When customers purchase Elite, we always ask how they first heard about us. That way we can double check and ensure you are properly credited for driving that business.

Terms & Conditions


No self-promotion. Anyone found to be trying to use their own affiliate link to refer themselves as a sale will have those commissions voided.


You agree to adhere to FTC guidelines and local laws when promoting our products and services.


We recommend that you use a redirect link to cloak your affiliate link for higher conversions.


Do not send spam of any kind or junk traffic. Ad Fly, Traffic Monsoon, Safe Lists, or any of these types of “cheap and junk traffic” sources are worthless.


Anyone caught doing so will be banned and commissions voided. No negative words in your marketing allowed (i.e. “Is Filteroff a SCAM - Review”). If we find you doing it, you’ll be banned from promoting Filteroff immediately.


No cash rebates allowed. Sign up to the JV email list to get important affiliate updates.


Affiliates shall NOT create social media pages, channels, or websites using the Filteroff brand name.


This is to prevent any abuse of our brand, intellectual property, and avoid customer confusion. Doing so will have your affiliate account terminated.


You must have a PayPal account to participate in our program. Payments are paid out automatically after 60 days if there is no refund initiated by the customer(s) you have referred.