How to Find Jewish Singles: 10 Tips for Meeting That Special Someone

September 21, 2023

Finding love as a Jewish single can seem challenging at times. With Jewish people making up less than 2% of the US population, it's not always easy connecting with others who share your faith and cultural values. However, there are many effective ways to meet and date Jewish singles if you know where to look.

Whether you want to find someone for casual dating or your beshert (soulmate), these 10 tips will help lead you to fulfilling relationships with Jewish men or women who are compatible with your lifestyle.

1. Attend Events at Local Jewish Organizations

Get involved with Jewish groups and organizations in your city. Attend mixers, lectures, Shabbat dinners and other events to mingle with other Jewish singles who share common interests and backgrounds.

Popular organizations to check out include:

  • Jewish Community Centers (JCCs)
  • Jewish Federations
  • Synagogues
  • Hillel Houses on college campuses
  • Local chapters of national groups like B'nai B'rith, Hadassah and AIPAC

You're likely to meet a range of like-minded singles at these types of events.

2. Try Jewish Dating Sites and Apps

There are many online dating sites and apps specifically designed for Jewish singles. These provide an easy way to connect with potential matches who share your religion and culture.

Some top Jewish dating sites include:

  • JDate - The largest and most established site for Jewish dating.
  • JSwipe - A Jewish Tinder app with over 1 million users.

Be upfront about your religious background and what you're looking for when creating your profile. Many Jewish sites allow filtering by Jewish denomination (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, etc.) to find the best match.

3. Get Set Up Through Friends or Family

Don't underestimate the power of word-of-mouth! Let your Jewish friends, family members, coworkers and community members know you're looking to date. They may know eligible singles to set you up with.

Going on blind dates or meeting for coffee arranged by a mutual connection is a time-tested way to meet someone pre-vetted for compatibility. Just be open about your dating goals and preferences when being set up.

4. Join Young Professional Jewish Groups

For Jewish singles ages 21-45, joining a young professional (YP) group provides built-in community ties and activities. Groups like Moishe House and YJP (Young Jewish Professionals) host happy hours, Shabbat meals, volunteer events and other social gatherings that bring eligible Jewish singles together in major cities.

Connecting over career development and social causes is a great way to form relationships. The shared Jewish background makes it easy to find commonalities.

5. Volunteer with Jewish Organizations

Giving back is attractive! Volunteering with local Jewish groups shows you care about the community and provides another opportunity to meet singles interested in the same causes.

Great options include:

Combining singles mixers with volunteer projects or events is a winning formula for Jewish dating.

6. Attend Jewish Singles Events and Meetups

Nowadays there are tons of events specifically tailored for Jewish singles to meet, whether you live in a big city or small town.

These events remove the guesswork of finding compatible dates. Examples include:

  • Speed dating nights
  • Wine tastings or happy hours
  • Cooking, baking or mixology classes
  • Game nights like trivia or jeopardy
  • Group outings to sports events, concerts, museums etc.

A quick search on sites like Meetup and Eventbrite will reveal Jewish singles events near you. The organized activities give you built-in date ideas!

7. Consider a Jewish Singles Getaway

For something more immersive, look into getaways designed for Jewish singles to meet. Examples include:

  • Ski or beach weekend trips
  • Cruises
  • Tours to Israel just for Jewish singles
  • All-inclusive resort weekends

These trips provide concentrated time to get to know others with similar backgrounds and interests in a fun, retreat-style setting. Tours to Israel, in particular, can strengthen already shared Jewish roots.

8. Look for Love at Jewish Summer Camps

If you're open to summer romance, working at or volunteering for Jewish summer camps provides endless opportunities to meet Jewish singles. As staff members or counselors, you’ll be surrounded by fellow young Jews from around the country for weeks at a time in idyllic settings.

Many Jewish camp staffers end up finding love and marriage with people they meet over the summer! The bonds formed over sharing formative Jewish camp experiences run deep.

9. Consider Interfaith Dating

If you have an open mind, consider dating singles who are converting to Judaism or non-Jewish singles comfortable with interfaith relationships. There are many non-Jews who would love to share in Jewish traditions, culture and faith with a partner.

Key tips for success with conversion or interfaith dating include:

  • Communicate your beliefs, dating goals and relationship deal-breakers from the start.
  • For converts, give them time to learn about Jewish practices at their own pace.
  • Establish mutual respect for both backgrounds and faiths.
  • Discuss important issues like how you’ll celebrate holidays, weddings, and raise future children.

By respecting differences and focusing on shared values, these relationships can thrive!

10. Use a Customized Matchmaking Service

For highly personalized attention, consider using a customized Jewish matchmaking service. This allows you to outsource your dating search to an expert who can hand-select matches tailored to your lifestyle, values and relationship goals.

Matchmaking is an old tradition in Jewish culture for good reason - it works! Professional Jewish matchmakers have networks and matchmaking intuition honed over years.

A reputable service like Filteroff's Matchmaking Pro offers:

  • A dedicated matchmaker familiar with Jewish culture.
  • A custom in-depth consultation about your ideal partner.
  • Pre-vetted date options who match your preferences.
  • Feedback and coaching before, during and after dates.

For busy Jewish singles who want to be strategic about finding "the one", expert matchmaking is the way to go. Why leave it up to chance when a pro can do the vetting for you?

Ready to Meet Amazing Jewish Singles?

Finding love as a Jewish single simply requires getting connected with the many other eligible prospects out there.

Whether you prefer to meet someone naturally through community or organization involvement, Jewish dating events and trips, or a customized matchmaking service, there are many options to find romantic matches who share your background.

Remember to communicate your dating goals, relationship needs and Jewish lifestyle from the start when getting to know new dates and partners. Finding the right mate who complements both your faith and personal aspirations is worth the search.

Mazel tov on your journey to meet someone special!

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