Five Tips To Meet Successful Men

September 21, 2023

Looking to meet a successful man who shares your values and goals in life? With some strategic planning and an open mindset, you can increase your chances of crossing paths with relationship-minded professionals. Here are five tips to help you meet successful men:

1. Attend Career-Oriented Networking Events

Instead of the usual singles meetups, consider attending networking events geared towards ambitious professionals in your city. Look for mixers put on by chambers of commerce, startup incubators, co-working spaces or professional associations. Approach these events with an open mind - you never know who you might connect with personally or professionally. Come prepared with business cards and be ready to speak about your career passions. The shared drive in the room can help spark meaningful conversations.

2. Volunteer for a Cause Important To You

Volunteering is a great way to do good and expand your social network. Serve on the board of a charity you care about or join the planning committee for a fundraiser. Non-profit galas, charity golf tournaments and silent auctions are filled with philanthropic go-getters. Give your time to a cause aligned with your values and you’re likely to meet men with similar compassion and drive.

3. Take a Skill-Building Class

Enrolling in a part-time course shows a commitment to self-improvement and expanding your horizons. Try a coding bootcamp, photography workshop or even a mixology class. Look for classes geared towards professionals looking to learn and network. Chat before and after class and be friendly with your classmates. You instantly have something in common and they likely have similar career goals and interests.

4. Join a Dating App

If you’re looking to meet successful men online, consider an app like Filteroff that focuses on video speed dating. Features like video chat and timed matches let you quickly vet compatibility - saving you countless hours swiping. If you want a more curated approach try out their matchmaking service. The detailed filtering and matching process can connect you with exactly the type of professional you’re seeking.

5. Make Use of Your Existing Network

Don’t underestimate asking around your own social network. Think of it as creating a focused, personalized dating service. Let friends, family, colleagues and mentors know the type of guy you want to meet. The people who know you best can share introductions or invite prospective matches to group events. And don’t feel shy about setting up friends who could hit it off. A little matchmaking can expand your social circle and potentially lead to meeting a great guy yourself.

The path to meeting relationship-oriented successful men has more to do with mindset and strategic networking than just luck. Follow these tips to put yourself in the right rooms - both virtual and in-person. Approach dating as an opportunity to connect on shared values, passions and goals. With an expanded social network and open-mindedness, you’ll be on your way to meeting the type of professional man you’re looking for in no time.

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