12 Things Women Say Make Dating Them Challenging

September 21, 2023

Dating can be tricky for anyone, but women in particular often face unique challenges and circumstances that can make relationships difficult. From past trauma to high standards, here are 12 things women say make dating them hard.

1. Trust Issues From Past Trauma

Many women cite previous bad experiences and trauma as leading to serious trust issues in new relationships. Things like a history of cheating exes or abusive relationships can undermine a woman's ability to open up to and trust someone new. Patience and letting trust build slowly over time is key.

2. Needing Time To Get Comfortable

Related to trust issues, some women say they are naturally guarded and slow to warm up at the start of a relationship. They may seem standoffish or hard to get to know until they feel completely comfortable around someone new. Letting things progress gradually rather than pushing for emotional intimacy right away is important.

3. Fierce Independence

Some very independent women say their self-sufficiency can intimidate men or make them feel unnecessary. These women simply don't "need" a man for basic things, which can bruise some male egos. Appreciating her strength as an asset versus a threat is helpful.

4. High Maintenance

Whether it's glamorous hobbies, a luxury lifestyle, or simply high standards for treatment, some women acknowledge they are "high maintenance" in relationships. Know that treating her well and being comfortable with spoiling her is typically required.

5. Emotional Intensity

For women prone to dramatic highs and lows, intense jealousy, or who struggle with conditions like BPD, emotional volatility can definitely complicate relationships. Patience and understanding is vital.

6. Hating Chores/Domestic Tasks

Some very career-driven women fully acknowledge they hate cooking, laundry, and other domestic tasks their partner may expect them to handle. They want an equal partner, not a free maid, when it comes to chores.

7. Sexual Directness

Whether it's initiating sex frequently, being very vocal about their needs, or having adventurous tastes, some women say their sexual assertiveness catches men off guard initially. Openness and matched libidos are key.

8. Brutal Honesty

Women who describe themselves as totally upfront or blunt admit this can lead to hurt feelings at times. But they aren't willing to pretend just to spare someone's ego. If dating one of these honest women, don't take criticism personally.

9. Skittish With Commitment

Due to seeing past relationships end badly, some women instinctively balk at commitment, marriage, or even labeling a relationship. Patience and letting things progress organically matter most with commitment-phobes.

10. Lots of Male Friends

If a woman has tons of close male friends, this can bother jealous or insecure partners. But she likely has strong platonic boundaries. Don't let unwarranted jealousy push her away.

11. Needing Space/Alone Time

Women who cherish their independence emphasize they need a lot of alone time even when in a relationship. Clinginess or constant togetherness will suffocate them. Respecting her space is a must.

12. Mental Health Struggles

From anxiety and depression to trauma disorders, many women are upfront about how their mental health affects relationships. Supporting treatment and being understanding is huge.

While every woman is unique, keeping these common themes in mind that make dating challenging can help partners be patient, empathetic, and work through issues. Clear communication and reasonable expectations are key for relationships with even the most seemingly difficult women.

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