10 Dating Frustrations You're Probably Tired Of: Why Modern Dating Can Be Exhausting

September 20, 2023

Dating can be fun and exciting, but it can also be frustrating. Many singles experience similar annoyances when it comes to modern dating. Here are 10 common aspects of dating that people are sick of.

1. The Chase

Many men expressed frustration with always having to initiate, pursue women, and "chase" them. It can feel tiring trying to impress someone and not knowing if your efforts will pay off. Some men wish women would make more effort too.

2. Mind Games

Both men and women dislike when potential partners play mind games, such as acting hot and cold or hard to get. Clear, open communication is preferable to guessing someone's true intentions.

3. Ghosting

Ghosting, or suddenly ending contact with no explanation, is a common complaint. It's hurtful when things seem to be going well, only for the other person to disappear. Providing closure is considered more mature.

4. Lack of Effort

Low effort conversations, bad texting habits, and a lack of planning or initiative when making dates is tiresome. Reciprocation and equal effort makes dating more enjoyable.

5. Superficiality of Apps

Many find dating apps promote superficiality, since users are judged primarily on looks instead of personality. This can feel demoralizing and shallow.

6. Financial Inequity

Some men feel pressure to always pay for dates initially, which can breed resentment. More equality when it comes to spending is preferred.

7. Rejection Sensitivity

With frequent rejection common when dating, experiences impact self-esteem. Being judged too quickly based on looks or other factors damages confidence.

8. Lack of Communication

Assuming intentions instead of clearly communicating needs and wants strains new relationships. Honest conversations prevent misunderstandings.

9. Dishonesty About Intentions

When people are dishonest about what they want from dating, it wastes everyone's time. Being upfront about expectations prevents hurt feelings.

10. Flakiness

Canceling plans frequently or rescheduling dates is inconsiderate. Respecting people's time makes dating go more smoothly.

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Source: Reddit

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