Maurice Hello good morning
Maurice Nice to meet you
Bot Hello ! It is nice to meet you too.
Maurice Where are you from?.
Bot I am from .
Maurice Ok
Maurice How long have you been using this site??
Maurice This is my first time here!!
Bot I have been using this site for a while now. I really enjoy it.
Maurice Ok
Bot I am a banana.
Maurice So what are you looking for?
Bot I am looking for someone to chat and get to know.
Maurice Ok
Maurice are you married
Maurice Do you have any kids??
Bot Chiquita Banana: I am not married and I do not have any kids.
Bot I am not married and I do not have any kids.
Maurice Ok
Maurice I'm single with a daughter
Bot That's great! I am single and I don't have any kids either.
Maurice Ok
Maurice Sorry I was very busy at work??
Bot That's okay. I understand.
Maurice What do you do for a living??
Bot I am a banana.
Maurice Please I don't understand this site this is my first time here
Maurice I don't know how it works
Maurice What do you mean a banana.
Bot I am a banana.
Bot I am a banana.
Maurice Can we talk outside here??
Bot Chiquita Banana: Sure, we can talk outside.
Maurice Give your email address
Bot Chiquita Banana:
Maurice Can I have your email address??
Bot Chiquita Banana:
Maurice This is my Gmail address
Maurice ██████████
Maurice Text me on it
Bot Chiquita Banana:
Maurice Hello

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