Matchmaker Pro Terms

Last Updated: 7/12/23

Definition of a Match: For the purposes of our service, a ‘match’ is defined as the successful arrangement by or through our service, and completion of a date with another user, including but not limited to video dates, FaceTime/mobile dates, or in-person dates. The date can occur on our platform or externally. Please note, a ‘match’ is not contingent on personal compatibility or connection between users.

Eligibility for Money-Back Guarantee: To be eligible for a refund under the money-back guarantee, users must fully participate in and meet the requirements outlined in the sections below. Failure to meet all participation criteria renders a user ineligible for a refund, even if they did not achieve a successful match.

  1. Profile Completion and Honest Representation: To qualify for the money-back guarantee, users are required to establish a complete, truthful, and authentic profile upon their initial signup. This entails providing a clear and recent photograph and accurately filling out all required personal information fields.
  2. Active Usage: Users must demonstrate active usage of the service by logging into their account at least three times a week.
  3. Response to Connection Requests: Users are required to respond to all messages or connection requests from the Matchmaker and potential matches within 72 hours of receipt.
  4. Video Date Cancellation: Canceling a previously agreed-upon video date does not qualify you for the money-back guarantee. Multiple cancellations may result in account review.
  5. Claim Reporting: To be eligible for the money-back guarantee, users must formally request their refund within the first week following their initial 30 days of service usage. The guarantee applies only if the user has not successfully made a 'match' as defined above.
  6. Money-Back Term Limit: The guarantee does not apply to any subsequent months of membership beyond the initial 30 day period.