Host an In-person Event!

Let Filteroff help you plan the perfect singles event for your community

A fun way for your community to meet like-minded singles.

It's free

It’s free to host your in-person singles event.

It's a snap to setup

Filteroff can supply you with a free venue, security, DJ, and an alcohol sponsor.

Make money

Sell tickets directly on the Filteroff platform.

Stay top of mind

Connect with your existing audience providing them branded fun in-person experiences

Grow your crowd

Provide brand recognition and awareness by running branded singles events for prospective members.

How Filteroff can help

Let Filteroff help you plan the perfect event for your organization. Our in-person events team handles all the party planning so you can focus on what you do best, being an excellent host! Contact us today to start planning.

Let's host an event!

Who we work with

Influencers / Creators

Hobbyist Groups & Social Clubs

Professional Singles

Religious Groups

Ethnic Groups

Health Groups

...and any other sort of community!

We run singles events every week in NYC! Will you be hosting the next one?

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Is it free?
Yes, it is free to host a singles event with Filteroff.

How does Filteroff help?
Filteroff will operationally handle all logistics of the event from A to Z. Filteroff can secure your dream venue, DJ, handle all staffing needs, alcohol sponsorships, and anything else you may need for your event!

What is the value of hosting an event?
It’s fun for your members, you can grow and re-engage your community, and you can bring in added revenue!

Can I charge my attendees?
Yes, you can sell tickets to your attendees through the Filteroff platform.

Can I offer free events to my attendees?
Yes, you can make your event free to attend!

Let's host an event!