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Is it free?
Yes, it is free to create Filteroff virtual speed dating events for your community, nonprofit, or religious organization, etc.

How does this work?
Have your attendees install the Filteroff app on iOS, Android, or the Web. After creating their profile, they will RSVP to your event with your optional event code. Filteroff handles the scheduling, matching, and notifications. Filteroff matches your attendees based on age/gender preference.

What platforms does Filteroff work on?
You can access Filteroff via the iOS and Android App Stores as well as your computer browser e.g. Chrome.

What is the value of hosting an event?
It’s fun for your members, you can grow and re-engage your community, and you can bring in added revenue!

How do I create an event for my community?
Here is how to create a virtual speed dating event.

Can I get a demo of how this works?
Here is a video highlighting an event. If you’d like to see the app in action, please create your own virtual speed dating app (as documented above) and use it with your team internally to get a feel for the functionality.

How quickly can I create a virtual dating event?
Submitting your event takes less than 5 minutes. We will then approve your event within 24 hours. You'll receive a notification when your event is approved.

Can I welcome the attendees?
Yes, as an organizer you can upload a YouTube video to your event where your attendees can watch prior to their 1 on 1 virtual speed dating.

What is the RSVP code used for and can I create one?
You can configure the code to your liking. It is not case sensitive. You will give your attendees the code in order to join your event.

Do I need a 50/50 split between men and women?
No, but we recommend not going beyond 60/40 to ensure the maximum number of dates for your attendees. We enable a waitlist to keep it at a 60/40 ratio. The Filteroff algorithm will account for the gender imbalance and do its best that everyone gets dates.

Can I adjust the number of dates and the length of each virtual speed date?
‍Yes, when creating an event you have the ability to adjust the maximum number of dates and the length of each virtual speed date. Keep in mind the number of dates is up to that number. E.g. 10 is up to 10 dates.

Can I charge my attendees?
Yes, you can sell tickets to your attendees. Filteroff collects a 30% fee per ticket to subsidize Google and iOS store costs. Community organizers net out 70% of ticket sales. We pay out via Venmo or PayPal.

If I would like to create an event what information do you need?
We would need the title of the event, description, your community, RSVP code, date and time of the event with the time zone, location and the radius of the event, length of speed date, ticket price.

What do you mean by the radius of the event?
When we create an event we require the radius of the event. For example, if your event is in Los Angeles you can make the radius 100 miles so your members in San Diego can also attend. However, this means that singles in LA can match with singles in San Diego. You can also create events in different cities to circumvent this.

Can my event be of all ages?
Yes, Filteroff sets up video dates based on age and gender preference.

Can I offer free events to my attendees?
Yes, your event can be free or paid.

Can I run unlimited events on the Filteroff app?
Yes, you can run as many events as you’d like!

‍How much notice do you recommend before my first virtual dating event?
We recommend scheduling events at least 2 weeks out for optimum RSVPs.

How many attendees do I need for my event?
We recommend up to 30 attendees for a successful virtual speed dating event.

What preferences are taken into account for events?
Filteroff takes into account age preference and gender interest. If you’d like a more curated event you can adjust the event title to denote the theme of the event.

Can I download my attendee data?
You can download your event data by logging in via the web app, selecting one of your managed events, and clicking the “Download attendees” button.

Can I host an LGBTQ event?
Yes, we offer the ability for daters to date male, female, or both with the option for other genders coming soon.

Can Filteroff users see my events?
The events are visible to Filteroff users if they’re within the radius of your event; however, they cannot join without the RSVP code.

Can I run events in multiple cities?
Yes, you can run events in multiple cities so that your members can date in those particular cities.

Can I run a global event?
Yes, you can expand your event radius to your liking.

How does the system handle attendees who don't show up to their dates?
We will remove members who do not show up on the event so that it doesn’t impact the other daters.

Are there reporting capabilities?
Yes, we take reporting very seriously. If someone acts inappropriately we will remove them from the platform.

What is your data privacy?
Filteroff encrypts in transit and at rest. The video is being used via WebRTC so video content is not stored on Filteroff's servers.

Instead of a virtual event can we host an in real life event with Filteroff?
We’re open to discussing that possibility, contact us!