Why Do I Get Hit On By Everyone Except Women My Age?

September 22, 2023

I'm a guy in my twenties who seems to get a lot of romantic attention from women - just not the ones my own age. Late teens, middle-aged women, and gay men all seem to show interest, yet women in their twenties barely look my way. What gives?

As a matchmaker for Filteroff, I've found this to be a common conundrum for young, attractive guys. There are a few possible explanations.

Younger Women Are More Forward

Young women in their late teens tend to be more forward when they're interested in a guy. They may not hesitate to approach an older guy they find cute and strike up a conversation.

Younger women are still learning about dating and relationships, so they may not overthink making the first move. Many don't have the inhibitions that hold older women back from being direct. Their confidence comes from naivety.

Older Women Are More Confident

As women get older and more experienced in relationships and sexuality, many gain confidence. By their 30s, 40s and beyond, they know what they want.

Older women may have an easier time walking up to a younger guy and letting their interest be known. They aren't as worried about being rejected. Their self-assurance comes from experience.

Women Your Age Are More Cautious

Women in their 20s are in a tricky spot. They likely want an attractive, mature partner but still value caution. As a result, they may not directly hit on men they're interested in.

Women at this age don't want to appear desperate or "easy." They're also navigating careers, school, and financial ups and downs. Directly pursuing a guy adds complications many would rather avoid.

How To Get Women Your Age To Show Interest

If you're interested in dating women your own age, you may have to make the first move. Here are some tips:

  • Put yourself out there. Attend parties, join groups, and hang out where you're likely to meet eligible women your age. Make eye contact and smile.
  • Start conversations. Break the ice with women who catch your eye. Keep it casual at first to gauge interest. Flirt once rapport is established.
  • Ask for a date. If she seems interested, ask for her number or suggest a specific date. Coffee, drinks, or lunch are all low-pressure first dates.
  • Follow up. Don't play games. If you say you'll call, do it within a couple days. Set up the date ASAP.Momentum is key.

Don't Take It Personally

While it can be frustrating when women your age aren't direct, don't take it to heart. There are many reasons women may hesitate to make the first move that have nothing to do with you.

Keep putting yourself out there socially, focusing on meeting women organically, and showing interest confidently. With the right effort, you'll pique the interest of women your age.

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