25 Tips When You’re Single and Quarantined From The Coronavirus

November 19, 2021

During the coronavirus scare, you may have been quarantined for coming into contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus. Once quarantined your social life is going to decline, you’ll stop dating, and stop meeting altogether. Make sure you’re responsible and take full direction from a doctor. This piece is not a medical one. Speak with a licensed physician for advice.

Assuming you’re quarantined, you have a lot more time on your hands. The time is actually an opportunity. Here are 25 tips when you’re single and quarantined from the coronavirus.

1. FaceTime friends

During this time you will lack any social connection. FaceTiming is the closest you will get to having a personal connection with a friend. Share something that you love about them. Make a call that you’ve been avoiding. Use this time to take a risk.

2. FaceTime family

Use this time to catch up with your family. FaceTime them so you can feel truly connected. With our busy schedules, it easy to be distant from family.

3. Cancel plans for the next 2 weeks

This is an obvious step, but you’ll have to cancel your in-person plans for the next 2 weeks. Be responsible and seek out a licensed physician for appropriate advice.

4. Delete your dating apps.

Assuming you’re single, delete your dating apps. Use this time to stop swiping and focus on things you want to accomplish over your next 2 weeks. There’s no point to swipe if you can’t meet them for at least 2 weeks. Break your swiping addiction and do a detox.

5. Use Filteroff on Friday night

Maybe we’re biased, but attend Filteroff’s video speed dating events every Friday night. Again, FaceTiming allows you to create real connections and set plans when you’re back out of the house.

6. Workout

There is no excuse to not workout. Sure, you can’t go to the gym, but you can definitely work out at home. Leave your yoga mat and weights out. On calls pick up the weights and do some curls. If you have no weights, do some push-ups or dips on your couch or pick up a pair of weights here. Check out Fraser Wilson on Instagram. He has a ton of workouts that you can do at your home with or without weights.

7. Do pushups in between meetings

In between meetings, do some pushups. Aside from lifting weights, keep yourself moving throughout the day.

8. Do yoga

Your body may become tight from all the sitting at home. If you can stand great. If you can do some yoga and stretch, you will keep your body feeling good over the next two weeks.

9. Meditate

You may become stressed at times. Meditation can keep you grounded and calm your mind.

10. Plan a trip a few months out

You may be feeling a bit lonely so plan ahead. Think about what you want to do when the quarantine ends. Stick to a road trip with a friend and plan a fun itinerary. There is no point to fly since your flight may likely get canceled or you may not be able to get back into the States. But regardless, plan so you have things to look forward to when you’re out.

11. Take a bath

Once quarantined, run a bath for yourself and relax. Treat yourself with a bath and allow yourself to unwind. Take a look at a bath bomb, offering different essential oils.

12. Ask your friends to do your groceries or order online

If your fridge is empty, send your friends a list of items you’d like delivered, or use Amazon Whole Foods delivery and get the food delivered to your door. Enjoy yourself. You’ll likely be saving money by not leaving your home, so splurge a little (even though the stock market is down) on extra food and maybe some wine.

13. Buy new boxers or briefs if you run out

When quarantined in your home from the coronavirus, there’s no need to do your makeup or dress up. You can literally just wear boxers or underwear and a shirt. However, you may not have 14 pairs, and please don’t reuse them. You may not have laundry within your home, so worst case you can buy more boxers on Amazon or use an online service to pick up your laundry.

14. Get sleep

Use this time to sleep. Are you not hitting the recommended 7 1/2 hours lately? Fitbit is a great way to track your sleep. If you’re not, use your coronavirus quarantine to get in your ZZ’s.

15. Take care of your mental health

This cannot be understated. If you’re feeling depressed or down call the Crisis Text Line or check out resources like 18percent, a 24/7 free peer to peer support group.

16. Watch Netflix

Use this time, to catch up on your favorite shows. Here is a top list on Netflix.

17. Read or listen to a book on tape

Read a book or read on your Kindle. Without using dating apps, you’ll have a ton more time to actually read a great book. If you’re not a fan of reading, check out Audible, a simple way to listen to books online.

18. Listen to music

Listen to your favorite playlist or create a new one. Explore new music as well on Release Radar on Spotify.

19. Don’t freak people out

Be responsible. If you’re quarantined, try not to freak out your friends and co-workers. Again, listen to your doctor and take their recommendations.

20. Clean your house/apartment

You’re going to be hanging out in your house or apartment for the next two weeks, so at least make sure it’s clean. If it’s not, buy some supplies on Amazon and make sure you have a good vacuum.

21. Do your taxes

Conveniently, taxes are due April 15th, so it’s time to do your taxes! Call your accountant and do your taxes with him or her virtually, or you can use one of the many online services to do it on your own.

22. Catch up on emails

How’s your inbox looking? Shoot to get to inbox zero and have peace of mind. Now is your opportunity.

23. Write a list of goals to accomplish during your quarantine

This seems like an obvious one, but take the time to reflect and ask yourself what do I want to achieve over the next two weeks. It’s a unique situation to be in, so take advantage of the time you have for yourself.

24. Take an online course

Expand your skill-set. Use the time to upskill. Maybe you’re looking for a new job or have always been putting off learning a new skill. Now here is your chance.

25. Explore a new hobby

Being self quarantined does limit you from certain new hobbies to explore, but there are tons that you can do online or at the comfort of your own home. Some hobbies can include drawing, sewing, blogging, coding, baking, and many more.

I hope this article helps you take the time to really reflect on what you’d like to achieve being quarantined for the next two weeks. If you do come down with a fever call your physician ASAP. Don’t make light of this situation. Hopefully, you become a better person and continue your personal growth after all of this.

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