The Modern Dating Experience - How It Feels To Date In 2024

September 22, 2023

Dating in 2024 can feel like a repetitive, frustrating cycle. Between online dating, ghosting, and mismatched expectations, finding a real connection can seem impossible. Here's what the modern dating scene looks and feels like for many singles.

The Swipe Life

For better or worse, dating apps are how most people date these days. The appeal is obvious - you can conveniently swipe through thousands of local singles from your phone. But this abundance of options comes at a cost.

You match with people you'd never meet in real life. Conversations fizzle out quickly since it's so easy to just swipe to the next option. Trying to make a real connection from a selfie and 500-character bio alone often leads to disappointment.

Getting lost in the constant stream of strangers and small talk is fatiguing. You start to feel less like a person and more like a commodity. It's no wonder some experience "swipe burnout" after a while.


Ghosting - when someone you're dating suddenly cuts off contact without explanation - has become an unfortunate norm. It stings to invest time chatting with someone only for them to vanish into thin air.

While ghosting is often about avoidance and lack of empathy, it's partially fueled by the nature of online dating. With endless options, there's little incentive to formally end things or provide closure. It's easier to just disappear when there are countless other matches to pivot to.

The ambiguity of ghosting leaves you endlessly analyzing what went wrong. It can feel dehumanizing to be on the receiving end. Yet many singles ghost or get ghosted repeatedly, leaving them jaded.

Mismatched Expectations

Between different dating apps and the casual nature of online dating, people often have very different expectations heading into interactions.

Some are looking for a serious relationship, others just want something casual. Mismatched expectations lead to disappointment on both ends.

People may also claim they want a relationship in their bio, but then act noncommittally. When words and actions conflict, mixed signals lead to frustration.

Lack of communication and clarity around expectations is an all too common hurdle. Even if you feel initial chemistry, not being on the same page can prevent things from developing into something substantive.

An Exhausting Process

For many singles, the endless cycle of swiping, chatting, and first dates starts to feel like more of an energy-sucking chore than an exciting experience.

Opening up to strangers and sharing the same conversational tidbits (hello jobs, hometowns, and travel stories) repeatedly gets old. Dealing with rejection and ghosting chips away at your self-esteem after a while.

While you know there must be compatible people out there, wading through the multitudes online feels like searching for a needle in a haystack sometimes. Loneliness creeps in when connections consistently fall flat.

Dating app fatigue sets in, leaving people frustrated and wondering if a meaningful relationship will ever emerge from this exhausting process.

The Takeaway

Dating today comes with its fair share of challenges and irritations for many. But it's not all doom and gloom! Taking breaks when needed, maximizing your authenticity, and avoiding assumptions can help combat the downsides.

Approaching things with an open mind, patience, and yes - a sense of humor - goes a long way too. Perspective is everything. With the right mindset and some perseverance, you can still have fun and hopefully find the connection you seek despite the modern dating circus.

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