Showing Interest When You're Genuinely Interested: Why This Is Actually A Good Dating Strategy

September 21, 2023

Dating can be filled with mixed signals and confusion over how interested the other person really is. We've all gotten advice at some point to "play it cool" and not come across too eager when dating someone new. But is masking your true level of interest really the best approach? Here's why acting interested when you're genuinely interested is actually a good thing when dating:

It's Authentic

Being real and authentic is always better than playing games. When you openly show interest in someone you like, you are presenting your true self. Rather than trying to be someone you're not by acting aloof, confidently showing your enthusiasm for getting to know the other person allows your unique personality and charm to shine through.

It's Flattering

Having someone demonstrate sincere interest in spending time with you and learning more about you is flattering. It feels good to be pursued and have your love interests make an effort to connect. As long as it's not over-the-top or smothering, displaying interest shows you find the other person appealing and worth your time. That feels a lot better than questioning if they actually like you back.

It Moves Things Along

When you both make your interest obvious, things progress faster. You can stop wondering if they are into you and move forward building intimacy and an emotional bond. Healthy relationships are based on open communication and vulnerability. Hiding your feelings can stall meaningful connection from developing.

It Filters Out Bad Matches More Quickly

If you act noticeably interested early on and the other person seems turned off or pulls away, you've likely avoided a poor match. Maybe they prefer to chase or have an avoidant attachment style. That likely signals emotional unavailability or a mismatch in enthusiasm for building something together. Best to learn that right away rather than months down the line.

It's Confidence-Boosting

Putting yourself out there without playing games shows confidence. It communicates you have high self-worth and expect reciprocity without trickery or manipulation. Many find self-assurance quite attractive.

It Creates Positive Momentum

When mutual attraction exists, displaying interest helps build momentum and excitement.Scheduling dates, thoughtful gestures, quick responses to texts, and sharing stories from your day gives a relationship-building energy. With both parties eagerly participating, things progress happily.

It's More Efficient

Honest interest saves everyone time and emotional energy. Rather than indefinite back-and-forth games, you can both determine compatibility more quickly. If the chemistry and enthusiasm isn't mutual, you avoid wasting weeks or months before realizing the mismatch.

It Feels Good

Simply put, when you like someone, it feels much better to show it than constantly restrain yourself. Let yourself be happy about your new relationship potential. Just maintain reasonable boundaries and let things develop at a healthy pace.

Playing hard to get or acting disinterested when you genuinely like someone is an unnecessary dating tactic. It is perfectly fine to show you are interested when you sincerely are interested. Mutual enthusiasm in those early stages of dating is exciting and helps create positive momentum.

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