Should I Wait for a Guy to Text Me After Our First Kiss?

September 21, 2023

You just had an amazing first date that ended with a magical first kiss. Now you're wondering if you should text him first or wait for him to reach out. I totally get it - dating etiquette can be confusing! As a dating app focused on making real connections, here are our tips for texting after the first kiss:

Don't Overthink It

First kisses are exciting! It's normal to feel giddy and want to talk to him right away. But resist the urge to analyze his every move. Don't play games or create arbitrary rules about who should text first. If you had a great time, let him know!

Be Confident

Some old school dating "rules" say the guy should always initiate contact after the first date. Forget that noise! We're living in 2023. If you want to talk to him, message him. Confidence is attractive. As long as you aren't bombarding him with texts, reaching out first shows interest.

Keep it Light

After an amazing first kiss, emotions run high. But try to keep your message light and casual. Say something like "Last night was fun! Let's grab drinks again soon." No need for long confessions of your feelings. Save deeper conversations for when you know each other better.

Consider His Communication Style

If he hasn't messaged you yet, don't panic. Consider his normal texting habits. Some people just aren't glued to their phones 24/7. If he's normally responsive, give it a day or two before you follow up. But if he's a more sporadic texter, reach out when it feels right.

Focus on Your Vibes Together

Over-analyzing time frames takes the focus off the actual connection. Instead, reflect on the chemistry and compatibility you felt in person. If the in-person vibe was good, have faith in that. A few hours or days between texts doesn't change how you felt during your magical first kiss.

Initiate a Second Date

Once you've re-established contact, pivot the conversation to plans for date #2! After a great first date, assuming interest on both sides, the guy will usually appreciate you taking the initiative to set up the next date. Suggest specific days, times, and locations that work for you.

Don't Take Silence Personally

If you reach out and get no reply, do not spiral out. He could genuinely be busy, have a hectic week, or be going through personal issues. Give it a few days, then try one more friendly follow up. If you still get silence or a cold response, accept that he's not feeling it and move on gracefully.

Consider His Point of View

Just like you, he's probably wondering if he should text first! Unless he has specifically said he prefers to initiate all contact, assume you're both on the same page. He'll likely be thrilled that you texted him first after your magical first kiss moment.

The bottom line: These "rules" were made to be broken. Old dating norms said the man should always lead. But today's empowered women can make the first move if they want to. If the connection feels right, text him first after your first kiss - he'll love the confidence!

Other First Kiss Follow Up Tips:

  • Keep it casual - say something like "Last night was fun!"
  • Suggest plans to meet up again soon
  • If he doesn't respond, try one more friendly follow up
  • Focus on the great in-person chemistry you shared
  • Don't overanalyze response time - he's likely just as excited!

The most important dating rule? Follow your heart. If you really felt a connection, have the courage to text him first after your magical first kiss. Throw the old rulebook out the window!

Hope this helps give you the confidence to make the first move after your next first kiss! Wishing you happiness and more amazing kisses in your future.

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