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March 12, 2022

Dating is really hard these days. Everyone is busy and there are so many distractions out there. On top of that, people work remotely and attend school online which makes it really hard to meet anyone organically. If you are trying to find people that you feel a real connection with, it has become increasingly difficult to meet his goal.

Swiping apps are so impersonal and are really just made for hooking up. Matchmaking services can also be full of stumbling blocks because of a lack of good matches to offer to participants. Matching based on your location and age is not enough to ensure a good connection that will spark right off the bat. For people who have religious or cultural values that are central to their lives, it can be hard to meet anyone that shares your goals and needs.

If you are LGBTQIA+, you know just how tough it can be to find people to date on generic dating sites. This is one of the things that you cannot accurately sort your matches for and you will find that there are few dating sites that understand just what you need from them to find quality matches. There is a real lack of concern within the online dating community for helping people to find real connections and being unable to sort for important values and orientations can make dating almost impossible.

Sappho Events has realized that there was a need for a dating community that is just for LGBTQIA+ people to find one another. There are so many fun events and activities on the Sappho Events site that help people to find their soul mates within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Sappho Events partners with Filteroff to create real dating opportunities for everyone who wants to find their LGBTQIA+ partner. Between the fun and unique experiences offered on the Sappho Events site and speed dating with Filteroff, you can meet the person of your dreams with ease. Being allowed the chance to connect with people who share your community and orientation is critical and Filteroff can help!

What is Sappho Events?

Sappho Events is a community that welcomes gay, bisexual, queer, pansexual, asexual, intersex, questioning people, and lesbians to meet one another. Trans masculine and feminine members are welcoming as well and non-binary, gender fluid, and all other orientations are represented here as well. This is a fun, supportive, and non-judgmental community.

This community was created to help people with these communities to meet other people to share their life with. Clubbing and bar hopping do not always lead you to people that could be your soulmate and it can be hard to ask people about their orientation when you have just met them. Common interests are fostered here at Sappho Events and you can meet people based on so many factors beyond orientation.

This is a rich experience that is full of nuance, connection-making, and fun. You can use this site to meet friends, partners, romantic interests, and more. Sappho Events seeks to make people comfortable as their most authentic selves and this is a safe space for self-exploration and growth.

Events on Sappho

This is a site that offers a mix of in-person events, book clubs and open mic poetry nights, and online interactions. Members can also connect with the events of the site through their podcast which is hosted by Lez Be Ann. This is a really free-flow and fun group that does not hinder itself with a lot of rules and regulations.

The fun of this site is that you can meet up with people in so many ways and through so many mediums. The choice is all up to you! If you have been worried about getting involved with a site that does not fit your style, this is never an issue with Sappho Events.

Sappho Events wants you to be able to express yourself while also meeting people that can share your life, help you enrich your goals and plans, and be there for you at all times. There is a full spectrum of different ways that love can be expressed and Sappho Events will never limit you to a binary choice or tell you that the way that you feel love is not right. You can meet the person of your dreams on this site with ease.

Do You Want to Host a Speed Dating Event?

Speed dating is a really great way to meet new people and to have a lot of fun while you are doing so. Speed dating used to be one of those things that were uncomfortable, and awkward. Standing around at tables waiting for the next person to come over to you and not being sure that you would have anything in common is just no fun.

When you are a part of Sappho Events, you already have a circle of new friends or even old friends and acquaintances that you might want to convert to potential romantic partners. Inviting these people to a speed date will allow you the chance to get to mingle, chat, and have a little time together without distractions. Speed dating on the Filteroff site can be set up to suit your needs and you won’t have to do any of the legwork for your speed dating party.

If you have always wanted to find out if you matched with some people that you have met online, or you want to just invite lots of your network to come to your speed date, you can do so! Filteroff makes it so simple to get everyone involved in your party and you will not have to take care of the ticketing process or the actual log-in and sign-in work.

Filteroff values connections over hookups and wants to be sure that everyone who joins the site is able to find meaningful connections that will stand the test of time. If you are tired of meaningless dating and want to find your life partner or someone to share fun and important moments with, Filteroff is right for you! Filteroff speed dates offer the following benefits:


Being a host is free and you never have to pay anything for the tickets or the setup of your event. Filteroff takes care of the ticketing process for you and makes it so simple for you to connect with invitees. You can just sign up to be a host and then let Filteroff take care of the rest!

Easy to Set Up

Filteroff asks you some key questions about how you want your event to be managed and then they take care of the rest. The video quality for each chat is amazing and you will never have to worry about issues with matching or technical problems during your dates.

Simple to Promote

All you have to do to invite people to your event is to share the party link. You can share this information privately, on your social media, or with any other groups that you are chatting with or hanging out in. You can invite anyone that you want and the Filteroff site will handle the ticketing, the log-in process, and everything else.

Grow Your Circle!

If you have gotten to the point where you just are not sure how to foster meaningful connections with people and you are tired of all the other boring or frustrating dating apps out there, Filteroff will change all of that! Everyone that you have invited to your speed date can become part of your Filteroff circle and you can all continue to mingle, grow together, and even attend other speed dating or community events on the platform together. There is nothing stopping you from creating a community within Filteroff that will make it simple for you to have fun, to enjoy dating again, and to look toward meeting the love of your life.

Sappho Events makes meeting other people with your goals and orientation really fun and easy. If you have attended one of their live events and want to get to know the people you met there a bit better, your speed dating party will make this a snap! Catch up with the schedule on the Sappho Events site, or invite people to your date that you are already connected with on social media.

Filteroff Works!

Filteroff helps people to make lasting connections that are more than skin deep. No more swiping, no more poor-quality matches, and no more sad and boring dates. You will be able to enjoy a speed dating event that you have hosted without paying for setup or for tickets, and you can invite as many people as you want!

This is a dating community that fosters meaningful connection-making and a sense of fun. You will love that you can date people that you share common bonds with right from the start and there are so many ways to enjoy this dating platform. If you need to learn some more about the Filteroff experience, check out the video link below.

Check out this video about the ways that Fiteroff has changed dating and made it meaningful and special again!

Filteroff Testimonial:


I would like to say that Filteroff helped me find the love of my life! I had tried online dating before and it really wasn’t working for me. I have been catfished before and just wasn’t meeting the right person for me. I had pretty much given up when I gave Filteroff a chance. I had seen the app and decided to give online dating another chance and I am so glad I did! I met an amazingly wonderful person! We clicked right away after our first video date and have been going strong ever since! 

Currently, we just got engaged and I am starting my new life with the love of my life! I just want to say thank you very much for Filteroff! It truly is an amazing app and has changed my life for the better!

- Sasha

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