Men Reveal Their Perspective on Dating Autistic Women

September 25, 2023

Autism is a complex neurological condition that affects how people communicate, interact, and behave. Autism exists on a spectrum, meaning it affects each individual differently. Some autistic people need significant supports while others are very independent. Dating can be challenging for anyone, but autistic people face unique difficulties, like struggling to read social cues or not knowing how to flirt.

One woman recently asked the men of Reddit if they would date an autistic woman to get their uncensored opinions. She described her autistic friend as a sweet, loyal person who embraces her autism. But her friend worries she'll never find love because she's autistic. Here's what the men had to say.

Many men are open to dating an autistic woman

The most common response from men was an enthusiastic yes. As one guy put it: "She sounds like my ideal woman!" Another man said, "I'm autistic myself, so I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't."

Many responses focused on her interests and personality, not her diagnosis. One man said, "Aside from different interests she sounds very similar to me." Another shared, "She sounds like a lovely person. I'd probably ask her out if I knew her."

The key takeaway is men who are understanding and open-minded do not view autism as a dealbreaker. They care more about finding someone compatible.

Personality compatibility and mutual interests matter most

Many respondents focused on common interests and values versus autism. As one man said, "Why would I not want to date her? Imagine if the term 'autism' didn't exist." Another shared, "We'd likely get along easily since I'm autistic too."

Most men felt they could relate to her introverted nature and “nerdy” hobbies like video games and sci-fi. They saw their shared interests as a bridge to a meaningful connection. As one man put it, "She sounds like a female version of me!"

Honest communication is key

Some men expressed the only potential issues would be if her autism made communication especially difficult. But this could be overcome with openness, patience, and willingness to learn from each other.

One remarked, "It depends on how many social cues she misses." But he added he wouldn't rule out dating an autistic woman. Another shared he had no issues dating his autistic girlfriend of 3 years. The key was her self-awareness so they could work together through any challenges.

Autism exists on a broad spectrum

Many responses emphasized autism manifests differently in each person. Where one person might thrive, another with more significant needs may struggle. One man explained he would have no issues dating a "high functioning" autistic woman, but would avoid someone severely impaired.

The takeaway is each case is unique. And if a man clicks with an autistic woman, her diagnosis alone won’t deter him. As one guy summed up, he tries "to see every person as an individual."

The bottom line

While dating on the spectrum has unique challenges, the majority of men are open-minded. If they meet an autistic woman with shared interests and a compatible personality, they are willing to give her a chance.

The key is finding someone caring and patient who will take the time to understand her needs. With mutual understanding, autism does not have to be a barrier to romantic connection.

Source: Reddit

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