February 28, 2022

If you have gotten tired of being unable to meet people who share your common goals, plans, or religion, you have just been using the wrong dating resources! It can be hard to meet people these days because life has gotten so busy and because people work, take college classes, and spend most of their time online. This means that online dating is the best way to meet people, but there are so many swiping apps and other shoddy matchmakers out there that it can be tough to connect with people who want a real relationship.

For people who are trying to date within religious communities, the choices for online dating are often quite limited. It can be really hard to connect with people who share your values using generalized dating apps, and you might not be able to tell if people actually practice the same religion as you from generic profiles. It can be really hard to ask people about their religion right off, and this is a major stumbling block for lots of other dating sites. Even when you are dating through a site that states that it will let you look for religion in your matches, it can be hard to connect with anyone who shares your values.

If you want to meet the Jewish partner that you have always dreamed of connecting with, you might have joined MeetJew. MeetJew Works with Filteroff to create quality dating opportunities for Jewish people looking to find love within their community.

What is MeetJew?

MeetJew is one of the best online communities around for meeting Jewish singles. This site is the result of the hard work of Aaron Raimi, who found it hard to socialize and date other Jews when he was in college. He saw a need for a community that would get Jewish people together without the struggles of other dating apps.

This site has applicants fill out a survey that asks valuable questions that lead to deep and valuable connections. MeetJew offers you the chance to meet people that you might never have intersected with in your daily life. It can be very hard to find people who share your values, but MeetJew makes it simple for you to connect with people who share all of the things that matter most. You will feel like you have known the people you have been meeting on the site for forever.

MeetJew strives to create a community that offers freedom from the negativity of swiping apps, the impersonal nature of matchmaking sites, and the struggle to meet someone who shares your values through online dating. This is an inclusive and fun dating community that is always positive and is never focused on hook-ups or other shallow values.

Dating within the Jewish community can be a challenge if you are not able to worship locally or connect with the Jewish community. This is one of the classic challenges of dating within religions of all kinds. MeetJew makes connecting with people who share your values and life goals so simple that you will wonder why you did not get on this platform sooner.

Events and Fun on MeetJew

This is a really great dating community that offers Shabbat parties, in-person meet-ups, and more. They even host bar takeovers to have a spontaneous party where people can have fun. MeetJew maintains a Facebook page that helps to get the word out about events, even if people have not yet joined the site.

This site also has really fun energy surrounding marriage. You will be posted as a feature on the site if the connection that you made on the site led to marriage! This is a very enjoyable and fun community that focuses on lasting connections that stand the test of time. This is one of the best sites to meet Jewish people, and you will have a great experience every time you interact with anyone you meet on the site.

Do You Want to Host a Speed Dating Event?

Speed dating with Filteroff is one of the most fun ways to meet people, and you can invite your connections with MeetJew to this fun event to get to know one another better. There are so many reasons that speed dating on Filteroff is so enjoyable. Filteroff also values lasting connections and lifelong bonds, just like MeetJew.

Filteroff wants you to have fun when you are dating, and their speed dating events are some of the most fun dating events around! People love the fun and simple engagement that is offered in each meet-up during a speed dating event on Filteroff. This is a great way to chat with people, get to know one another, and find out if you are compatible. Filteroff uses speed dating as the cornerstone of many of its meet-ups, and this is because it is so effective and fun for everyone.

There are some perks to hosting a speed dating event on Filteroff. You will enjoy so many benefits due to choosing this way of meeting people. Filteroff makes it so simple to have fun dating that you will feel like you are meeting in real life, through natural stages and steps, and without impediments.


This is a free virtual speed dating option, and you will not have to pay anything to take part in or host this event.

Easy to Set Up

Filteroff takes all the guesswork out of matching. The video is of excellent quality, and the messaging works seamlessly. You don’t have to do anything but share the invites and explain what you are offering people with your invitation to speed date. This is such a simple way to get people involved in your event, and you will not have to worry about anyone turning down the quality and inviting links that you can offer for your event.

Easy to Promote

Filteroff makes sure that you have access to promotional materials that will sell your event to everyone that you invite. The benefits of Filteroff are numerous and obvious right away when you share them with others. This is a fun and special community that makes forming connections easy, seamless, and special.

Grow the Crowd!

You can invite your members to check out more information about the event with the branded videos, information, and more that Filteroff makes available to you when you host. This makes it so simple to deliver the right motivational content to the people that you have invited.

Easy Ticketing

The link that you provide to invitees will offer them tickets directly on the Filteroff platform. This spares you from having to sell tickets yourself or making sure that you dispense tickets without help. Filteroff wants to make coming to events so simple that no one will say no!

MeetJew Offers Many Facebook communities that are specific to certain parameters. Some of these groups are related to age, some are related to life goals, and some are just for general socializing. This is a great way to connect with people and share your interests and also your invitation to your event.

MeetJew makes it so simple to connect with people that your speed dating event will be full of attendees with ease! You will have so much fun hanging out with the people that you have invited and forming new bonds. There is no reason that you cannot invite anyone that you wish to your dating event and the social connection-making options of MeetJew makes it so simple to get people to come to your Filteroff event!


Filteroff Really Works!

Filteroff makes it easy to make lasting connections. There are so many people that have met their soulmates on Filteroff. Through speed dating, community events, and more, you can meet lots of people that you have so much in common with on Filteroff.

This is a place that fosters community, connections, lasting bonds and makes the whole process fun and special. If you need more information about the way that Filteroff works or what kind of success it can provide, you need to look at the many happy couples who have shared their stories about meeting on Filteroff.

Check out this video about the ways that Fiteroff has changed people’s lives in amazing ways!


We met through a MeetJew FilterOff event last August, and had great chemistry from the moment we met. Living 50 miles apart, we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. After some time getting to know each other through text and video dates, we started trading off weekends between OC and LA.


Trying to date during a pandemic is hard, but every weekend we find something new to try. Lots of hiking trails, picnics in parks, cooking dates, and board-games! We always have so much fun together and love being nerdy, adventure buddies. We genuinely enjoy growing together, and feel like we’ve met our match. It’s been such a blessing to find someone who just gets you. 

To those still searching, we say: be bold! Let your best self shine through. The right partner will see you, treasure you, and encourage you!

- Greg and Erika


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