Invite for the Spireworks App

November 23, 2021

There is nothing more romantic than being on a date and changing the lights on the NYC skyscrapers. Spireworks is just that. This secret NYC based app allows you to control the spire lights from your phone. However, not many people can get their hands on this app since it’s invite only.

As a Spireworks user, you can control 3 spires in NYC — One Five One West 42 (H&M Building), One Bryant Park, and One World Trade Center.

Many people anxiously await an invite from a friend, but the likelihood is pretty low since not many people are on the app. At Filter Off we believe in creating authentic connection. There is nothing more beautiful than having a memorable first date that you and your date will remember forever. So imagine you’re on a rooftop and you ask your date his or her favorite color. You say “look up” and change it to the color they requested. Nothing more romantic than that…

Filteroff, the live video video dating app is offering the chance to get a free invite for the Spireworks app. Once you sign up and use the app at least 1 time, you will be entered into a raffle with a chance to win a Spireworks invite.

Here’s our proof that we are not bullshitting you.

If you’re unfamiliar with Filteroff, this is how it works:

  1. Sign up for a virtual speed dating event
  2. Confirm your attendance 1 hour beforehand
  3. 3 min live video date
  4. If you both like one another after the date, you’re matched.
  5. Send a message or video chat with them.
  6. If you like each other, ask them out for coffee or dinner!

Spireworks launched in 2010 and has amassed about 10,000 users. Anyone interested in using the app must receive an invite from a current user, who is given a limited number of invitations. Each night after sunset the user can choose a building and select a color as well as it’s movement — Shift, Fill, Pulse, and Sparkle.

Here are some of the questions that I had about Spireworks

How do I join Spireworks? The app is invitation only.

How does Spireworks work? It is controlled via an API.

What happens if there’s more than one person? Each of the buildings will allow for a select number of concurrent users. If there are more than 1 user at a time, a queue will be formed and the user will wait their turn. There is a waiting time that will display when your session will begin.

This is how Spireworks works

1. Before sunset there is a countdown to when Spireworks begins (sunset)

2. After sunset you have the ability to use Spireworks at select skyscrapers in NYC

3. Control the spire light

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