How to Organize and Host a Virtual Speed Dating Event on Filteroff (Step-By-Step Guide)

February 23, 2022

Hi everyone, my name is Zach Schleien. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Filteroff; a video speed dating app, we focus on face-to-face interaction as our core tenant. Filteroff has been featured in notable publications like The New York Times and the BBC.

Are you tired of struggling to meet people? Have you found swiping apps to be impersonal, frustrating to use, and overall just not a good way to form lasting connections? If so, you are not alone. These are some of the most common complaints of current singles and online daters.

Filteroff was created to change all of this for a better dating future. No more awkward dates with people where you have nothing in common. No more struggling to connect with people online before you meet in person. Filteroff has grown tremendously over the pandemic and I’m excited to share the future of video first dating to everyone.

Filteroff Makes Speed Dating Fun and Engaging

Hearing the words speed dating might make you cringe. In-person dating has the tendency to be really awkward, feel rushed and impersonal. These are all similar qualities of a swiping app. When paired with a lack of common ground, dating events can feel like torture for singles who attend them.

I created Filteroff because I was exhausted and unsatisfied with bad in-person first dates. In order to change for the better, I started asking my matches if they’d be open to video chatting prior to meeting in person. As a result, Filteroff came about. Speed dating on Filteroff offers you the chance to video chat with many people during each dating event. You can choose to match or pass on the person that you have just met.

At the end of the dating event, you will be able to see who decided to match with you. You can then choose to message these matches, or you might want to meet with them on a video call that can double as a virtual date.

Filteroff dating is unique as its centered on making lasting connections that aren't possible using other dating apps or sites. Singles are paired in speed dates with people that they already share important bonds with. Common interests like goals, religion, personal beliefs, and jobs can be factors that lead to a match on Filteroff. This allows for more durable and instantaneous connections from our speed dating events.

How Does Dating on Filteroff Work?

When joining Filteroff, start by creating a profile and taking a survey. The survey is how the app knows the important things about you. These factors determine how matches are made. They also decide the unique way questions are asked on Filteroff which leads to real connections instead of superficial ones. Other dating apps match people based on age and location. In many cases, we understand that this isn't enough to form lasting bonds. This is why Filteroff's goal is to create real connections and to provide the chance for matches to not only start out on good, solid footing but to also last.

Prior to Filteroff, many single daters try to build a connection over text. However this may not be easy for everyone. When texting, it’s really easy to fill in the gaps and possibly make assumptions about that person without hearing or seeing them. This is how things can get lost in translation. With video dating, the pressure is lower and singles are more at ease to vibe and see attractions before meeting in person. Video dating first is also so much more efficient. There is no need to worry about commuting or spending money on dates when you aren't even sure if there's an interest or connection yet.

How to Use Filteroff for Speed Dating

If you're interested in the concept of speed dating with Filteroff, you're probably wondering what speed dates on the platform look like. Filteroff promises rewarding and fun video speed dating in a unique way, but you can also check out these reasons for yourself.

Speed dating events are hosted on the app and site regularly. You will only be connected with matches in these events unless you have chosen to host your own speed dating event. When you host your own speed dating event, you can invite anyone to the event or even make your invite public in other dating communities online.

  • Speed dating sessions are kept to 3-4 minutes. There is a timer that counts down the time left in the date, but you will not feel pressured as you chat and connect with one another.
  • When the session ends, simply select pass or match. The person who was on the date with you does the same.
  • You will get to enjoy up to 10 rounds of speed dates. When the event is over, you can see your matches.
  • You will be able to message matches or invite them to video calls to get to know them better.

This is a very simple and fun way to meet people. You can't expect to connect with anyone if you're struggling with video lag or sound issues during a call. So, Filteroff removes the awkwardness related to poor video quality or technical difficulties. One of the key reasons Filteroff video speed dating works so well is because of the video quality that is offered.

Filteroff takes safety seriously and makes it simple to keep your information private as you get to know people. You always have the option to provide personal information to your matches, but you are not forced to do so. This helps our video daters remain anonymous and secure while they use the app. The high video quality Filteroff offers allows daters to connect virtually through the app, and completely removes the temptation for daters to offer too much information like phone numbers. On other dating apps, users feel forced to give out their phone number in order to video chat/communicate easier.

How to Set up a Speed Date on Filteroff

Hosting an event on Filteroff is an easy process and can be done in under 5 minutes. First, you create a virtual speed dating event. After creating your speed dating event, you can share the links for the event with anyone that you want to attend. You can even post the event invite on social media or in forums.

There is no other dating site that allows you to have this much control over the organizing process. There's also no other site that runs dating events for you like Filteroff. Speed dating on Filteroff is really fun, and these events practically run themselves.

Why Virtual Speed Dating

There are many advantages to this kind of speed dating. You might have tried other forms of interacting with online dating sites, but Filteroff’s speed dating process is original and unique. Not only is it the future of online dating but it's more effective than the kinds of interactions you may have tried in the past.

Why You Should Host Virtual Speed Dating Events on Filteroff

1. Grow Your Community

Dating events will help you increase the number of people that you and your community can interact with on Filteroff. For matchmaking services, everything's easier when you run an event with Filteroff since the platform is already a great way to help their clients connect. Filteroff also makes joining the community easy, exciting, and allows people to connect without any struggle. Shareable links that are created for hosts of events can be added to forums, group messages, and Facebook pages.

2. It’s Entertaining!

One of the best reasons to host a speed dating event is that it's very enjoyable! These are low-risk and high-fun events that don't leave daters feeling pressured or stressed. The dating events are quick, easy and not to mention but hosting the events brings joy as well. Keep in mind that as an event host, you or your client(s) can meet so many people which is a big additional benefit.

3. Make Money

Another great benefit of using Filteroff for your speed dating needs is to monetize off of sales from ticketed events. This is a fun way to fund your date. Matchmakers can also make a little money back on their time and effort to host a dating event. This is truly why Filteroff is one of a kind. How many other dating sites allow an event host the option of getting paid for having a successful dating event?

4. You Can Choose Themes

We want interest based dating events to be clear, this will help attract the right daters and matches. If you want to create a dating event for singles who love to read or for dog lovers, you can do that with Filteroff. You can set themes for your dating event with ease if you wish! It can be a great automatic icebreaker for everyone that joins the event. Knowing that all attendees have an automatic similarity and interest can make any dating event very fun from the beginning to the end.

Why Filteroff is a Better Alternative Than Zoom

While Zoom might be a good way to host work meetings and gatherings, it's not ideal to use for dating. These are a few reasons that Filteroff is superior to Zoom:

  • Filteroff handles all the dating, matching, and communication for users on their app/site. Everything has been thought of for you on Filteroff. You can enjoy speed dates, community events, and chatting with your matches directly (without giving out personal information).
  • On Filteroff, you don’t have to conduct a breakout room to talk to people that you are vibing with. This can actually be awkward for other attendees and should be avoided at all costs. This is why the match and pass method on the Filteroff app is helpful. The ability to invite people to meet up after the event if there is a connection is really nice advanfor this reason as well.
  • Zoom will automatically give away your phone number to other attendees. This is not the case in Filteroff speed dates, and you can remain as anonymous as you wish during your dates.
  • Organizers can just share the event and sit back. You are not needed for the event to be held, and you do not have to host the speed dating event. Filteroff takes care of all of the necessary work on your behalf. This is a great option for matchmakers who are using Filteroff to host events with clients.
  • Filteroff is free to host virtual speed dating events. This means that users or matchmakers can host these fun events and invite people to attend without being charged a fee upfront.

What Are Some of the Other Features of Filteroff?

Filteroff gives you so many tools to make dating more fun than it's ever been.

  • Unlimited number of events each month
  • Ability to charge for tickets
  • The maximum number of dates (this can be changed for each event)
  • You can configure the date length
  • Add dealbreakers
  • Add a waitlist
  • Add your logo
  • Add interests
  • Event analytics (this helps you learn about the success of your event)
  • Unlimited hours of video chat on the site

There are so many reasons that you might want to make Filteroff your permanent solution for speed dating parties. Whether you're a user who wants to host their own event, an organizer or matchmaker, there are so many things that you will love about the Filteroff platform and what it can do for you.

No More Swiping and No More Disappointment

We all know how it works; we're tasked with the endless swiping, the fake profiles, and numerous bad first dates. It’s become a mind-numbing game. You swipe, you match, you message. But how many users actually make lasting connections? Nonetheless, the dopamine hit is real. It’s super addicting as you collect numbers and Instagram handles but you're not building real human connections. If you want to change that, Filteroff can bring the fun back to dating.


Many singles are longing for a deep connection on dating apps, you're not alone. Authentic connections should be the norm in the dating community. If anyone finds themselves unsatisfied with the connections they're making on other dating apps... Filteroff is for you. It's the app that makes sure you always meet up with people that share important values, beliefs, and goals that you do. Video dating first has been so efficient for our daters. It allows singles to get to the point, make connections, get to know the person, and quickly discover if there is interest or not.


Filteroff is building a success dating community, and you can join that community today! If you are ready to change the way that you date for good, you need to look into speed dating on Filteroff today!


There are many success stories that our users have shared with Filteroff. If you want to learn more about the app and site, these testimonials can tell you all that you need to know!

From the Matchmakers:

“I love that I don’t have to be present for the events. They’re so easy to run! I can just focus on my day-to-day while continuously growing my service. ”

 - Matchmaker 


“I’ve grown my business by using Filteroff. The platform has generated me 100s of new leads!”

- Dating Coach