Do Men Actually Like Lingerie? 8 Men Share Their Thoughts

September 21, 2023

Lingerie is often portrayed as being universally loved by men. But is this really true? Or is lingerie more for the wearer than the viewer?

At Filteroff, we wanted to find out straight from the source. So we asked real men to share their honest thoughts on lingerie.

Here’s what 8 men of different ages and relationship statuses had to say:

1. Chris, 28, Single

"I definitely appreciate the effort when a woman wears sexy lingerie. It shows she wants to look good for me. But honestly, I mostly just want to get it off her! Simple bra and panties are just as much of a turn-on."

2. Mark, 35, Married

"Lingerie feels like an extra step that's not really needed. Don't get me wrong, my wife looks great in it. But seeing her relaxed and comfy is just as sexy to me. We have two little kids so I know she doesn't have tons of time or energy to put into feeling sexy. If she's happy, I'm happy."

3. Steve, 29, In a Relationship

"I love when my girlfriend surprises me by wearing something sexy and lacey under her normal clothes. It's like unwrapping a special gift just for me. The sexiest part is knowing she was thinking of turning me on when she got dressed that morning."

4. James, 42, Divorced

"Lingerie is fun but it's really more of a special occasion thing for me. I appreciate the thought behind it. But on a typical Tuesday night, I'd rather see my partner in her usual cotton undies or even nothing at all. Simple and sexy is the way to go."

5. Mike, 26, Single

"I won't lie, seeing a woman in some skimpy lacy lingerie is super hot. Especially if she's wearing stockings too. But I can also see how it could feel like you're trying too hard if it's not your normal style. Confidence is always the sexiest thing."

6. Dan, 40, Married

"My wife knows I think she looks amazing no matter what she's wearing. But every once in awhile she'll surprise me with some sexy new lingerie and it's like a jolt of electricity. I love it because I know she's making an effort purely to turn me on. Huge ego boost!"

7. Matt, 31, In a Relationship

"Lingerie seems more like a woman pleasing herself than trying to please me. If she feels sexy, great! But it doesn't do much for me personally. I put functionality over frills any day."

8. Ben, 47, Married

"To be totally honest, lingerie usually just gets in the way. I want full access, not obstacles! But I have to admit there's something about undressing a woman that's a turn on. Maybe it's that unwrapping a gift idea. So I'm not totally opposed to a little bit of lacy teasing."

Key Takeaways

So what do we learn from these men's perspectives? A few key points emerge:

  • Appreciation for the effort - Many men are flattered that she wants to look sexy for them
  • Frills aren't everything - Simple everyday undies can be just as hot
  • Surprise factor enhances the turn-on - Unexpected lingerie is exciting
  • Confidence is sexy - Focus on feeling good vs looking perfect
  • Lingerie for special occasions - Not an everyday must-have
  • Unwrapping a gift - Part of the turn-on is the unfastening
  • Access wanted - Lace and straps can feel in the way of the main event

The truth is, opinions on lingerie are as diverse as men themselves. There's no one right answer.

The key is communicating with your partner about their personal preferences. Find out what makes them feel desired and have fun exploring!

Source: Reddit

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