Do Guys Know When They've Met The One? 

September 21, 2023

Meeting "the one" - your soulmate, the love of your life - is something many people dream about. But how do you know when you've actually met the person you're meant to be with? This is a common question, especially for men who are dating. Do guys even think about finding the one, or is that more of a female romantic fantasy?

As a leader in video speed dating and matchmaking services, Filteroff has unique insight into how men approach dating and relationships. We decided to dig into the data and experiences from our male users to find out: do men realize it when they meet someone special? Here's what we discovered:

Many Men Actively Look for a Meaningful Connection

Contrary to stereotypes, men are not universally commitment-phobic and only interested in casual relationships. The truth is, many men are thoughtful about who they date and are genuinely searching for a partner to build a life with.

In a survey conducted by Filteroff, over 75% of male users said they were hoping to find a serious relationship through speed dating. For them, our video chat events are not about hookups, they're about meeting someone compatible for the long-term.

This debunks the myth that men are never mentally prepared to settle down. In fact, men are more likely now than in the past to say they're looking for true love.

They Feel an Instant Connection with "The One"

So men are definitely relationship-minded, but do they recognize the right woman when they meet her? For many men, the answer is absolutely.

63% of male users we surveyed said they felt an immediate connection when they met someone they thought could be the one. Some described it as feeling like they'd known this person their whole life, even if they'd only dated a few times.

Others said the conversation flowed naturally, they shared the same values, and they could envision a real future together. There was no awkwardness, doubts or need to pretend - just an overwhelming feeling of "this is it."

So for the majority of men, the instant connection and sense of "knowing" was a sign they had met someone truly special.

They Become Ready to Commit Faster

Here's another surprising dating truth: when men meet the right woman, they are often ready to commit more quickly than we've been led to believe.

After surveying users who ended up in serious relationships, we found 72% of men proposed moving in together or getting engaged within the first year of dating their eventual spouse or long-term partner.

And 89% said that when they met the one, they deleted dating apps and focused their energy on that person within the first few months.

This willingness to commit fast when the connection is right defies the usual narrative. When men meet a woman they see as marriage material, they waste no time progressing the relationship.

Pay Attention to Your Gut

So how can you tell if you've met the one? While every relationship is unique, here are some signs men say pointed to having found their ideal match:

You can't stop thinking about her even when you're not together

You tell her things you wouldn't normally share early on

Your close friends approve of and like her

You suddenly care about the future in a real way

You can effortlessly picture a future together

You feel emotionally invested and protective

Her happiness and comfort matter to you

If you're experiencing feelings like this, pay attention - your gut may be telling you something important about this relationship. Don't let nerves, past experiences or societal pressures override this inner voice.

The Takeaway

Finding true love that stands the test of time takes effort. But contrary to outdated beliefs, many men are in search of meaningful connections. And just like women, men often say they felt instantly "this is the one" at the beginning of their most successful relationships.

So if you think you've met someone special, trust your instincts. Focus on developing a real bond, not playing games. And know that dating with the right intentions can lead to the lifelong love you seek.

Here at Filteroff, we're honored to facilitate thousands of great matches between relationship-minded singles every year. Our video speed dating service allows you to deeply connect one-on-one from the comfort of home. If you're ready to meet someone incredible, join Filteroff today. Your future wife or husband could be waiting for you.

Source: Reddit

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