Anonymous Men Reveal Things They Don't Admit to Their Friends

September 22, 2023

Having close friendships as a guy can be great. You've got buddies to grab a beer, talk sports and share dating stories with. But there are some things that even the closest male friends may not feel comfortable opening up about with each other.

We asked the men of Reddit to share something they wouldn't admit to their guy friends. The responses revealed some surprisingly vulnerable truths that many men keep private.

Why Men Hide Parts of Themselves

There are a few key reasons men may not fully open up to their male friends:

Fear of Judgment

Many men expressed hesitance to share emotional struggles, insecurities and more sensitive interests out of fear of being made fun of. There is often an unspoken pressure to appear "manly" and some topics don't seem to fit within those bounds.

Protecting Relationships

Some respondents didn't want to create tension or damage their friendships by sharing certain truths like disliking a friend's significant other.

Avoiding Misunderstandings

Other men were wary of revealing their sexuality or certain emotional desires to avoid any misunderstanding that they were romantically interested in their friends.

10 Things Guys Won't Admit to Their Friends

While the reasons differed, there were some common threads among the private thoughts men shared. Here are 10 themes that came up frequently:

1. Mental Health Struggles

Many respondents indicated battling loneliness, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem but hid this from friends to appear strong and stoic.

2. Romantic Interests

Some men secretly harbored romantic feelings for a friend’s sister or were heartbroken over an ex but kept it to themselves.

3. Sexual Orientation

Quite a few men were reluctant to share that they were gay or bisexual out of fear of being viewed differently.

4. Emotional Needs

Many wanted deeper emotional connections with male friends but worried this might be misunderstood as romantic interest.

5. Interests Seen As "Unmanly"

Enjoying romantic comedies, pop music, fashion and other interests seen as feminine were commonly hidden.

6. Physical Insecurities

Insecurities about weight, height, hair loss and other appearance issues were frequently undisclosed.

7. Financial Situations

Some earned significantly more or less than friends but fibbed about incomes to avoid judgment.

8. Relationship Problems

Though complaining about significant others is common, some kept serious issues like infidelity private.

9. Sexual Desires

Kinks like cuckolding and foot fetishes were considered too taboo to share with even close friends.

10. Parenthood Hesitations

A few men harbored doubts about having kids but hid this from expectant father friends.

The Takeaway

While men pride themselves on having close bro friendships, there are clearly still some sensitive topics that give them pause. However, the gaps in what guys admit to each other seem to be closing over time.

The willingness of men on Reddit to anonymously share these deep revelations shows a longing for more openness. And the support expressed in the comments illustrates that more men are ready to accept these vulnerable sides of their friends.

So don't be afraid to reveal more of yourself to your trusted guy friends. You may be surprised by how understanding they can be and find that it brings you closer. And if they do judge, maybe it's time to reevaluate those friendships.

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Source: Reddit

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