9 Tips and Insights from Women on What Makes Someone a Great Kisser

September 25, 2023

Kissing is an intimate act that can be exciting, passionate, and romantic when done right. But not everyone is naturally gifted in the lip lock department. So what exactly makes someone a good kisser?

To get some tips and insights, we asked the women of Reddit’s r/AskWomen subreddit what qualities and techniques make someone stand out as an exceptional kisser. Their responses highlighted some key ideas on the art of kissing that anyone can learn from.

1. Starting Off Slowly and Gently

A common theme from women was that good kisses often start softly and slowly. Aggressive tongue thrusting right away is not pleasurable. As one woman put it:

“A good kisser is someone who doesn't immediately shove their tongue down my throat when kissing for the first time.”

Gentle touches of the lips and tongue allow passion to build gradually. Quickly ramping up to intense tongue kissing or biting can feel jarring rather than sexy.

2. Using Tongue Sparingly

While some tongue can be good, too much is not. As one woman said:

“Don't just jam your tongue in and out like a sewing machine needle."

Aim for a teasing amount of tongue, not a sloppy make-out session. The tongue should entice, not overwhelm.

3. Focusing on Lips and Hands Too

Good kissers pay attention to more than just tongue techniques. As one respondent advised:

“Kiss with your entire body, not only your lips.”

Lip locks, nibbles, and caresses are essential parts of great kissing. Creative use of hands to hold your partner close or caress erogenous zones also enhances the experience.

4. Reading Body Language

Great kissers don’t just do a pre-planned routine. They pay close attention to the reactions and movements of their partner. As one woman said:

“A good kisser is someone who listens and responds to your body language during kissing.”

Adjusting your technique based on your partner’s signals is key to an mutually enjoyable kiss.

5. Building Passion and Intensity

While gentle starts are preferred, good kissers also know how to steadily increase the passion. Many women enjoy a kiss that goes from soft to more urgent and intense as arousal builds.

“I love when kisses start off slow and cute but get more passionate, desperate, and intense.”

Knowing when and how to transition to passionate lip-locks and lustful French kissing helps create memorable make-out sessions.

6. Not Getting Sloppy

A common complaint about bad kissers is too much saliva and open-mouthed sloppiness. Keeping some lip tension and not drooling excessively keeps kisses pleasant. As one woman put it:

“I shouldn't have to wipe my entire face after kissing.”

7. Maintaining Good Hygiene

This may sound obvious, but cleaning your teeth and mouth before kissing is essential. Bad breath is an immediate turn-off. One woman’s advice said it all:

“Brush your teeth or use mouthwash first - bad breath is not sexy or fun to kiss.”

8. Varying Your Style

While finding a rhythm with your partner is important, the best kissers don’t stick to just one approach. Mixing up lip pressure, tongue movement, hand placement, and pacing makes each kiss unique and exciting.

9. Exuding Passion

Technique matters, but so does attitude. Good kissers display genuine desire and passion for their partner through the kiss. The emotional component separates a polite peck from a memorable make-out.

Kissing well takes practice, awareness, and experimentation. Following these tips can help improve your skills in creating amazing kisses. But keeping in mind the key principles of reading your partner, taking it slow, and focusing on more than just tongue action will lead you in the right direction.

Source: Reddit

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