9 Things I Did When Dating That I Don't Regret As A Woman

September 21, 2023

Dating can be a scary experience, especially for women who often have to think about their safety. However, taking some precautions can help make dating easier and more enjoyable. Here are 9 things I did when I was dating that I don't regret at all as a woman:

1. I Used A Google Voice Number

Getting a Google voice number made it easier for me to change my number or block someone if needed. It also helped keep my real number private early on in dating someone new.

2. I Had A Pre-Date Phone Call / Video Date

Before meeting someone in person, I liked to have at least a video date if not a phone call. This helped me get a better sense of their personality and make sure we could hold a conversation.

3. I Met Near My Home

I tried to keep first dates close to home. This way, I felt more comfortable and could get home quickly if needed. I often used a rideshare service as an extra precaution.

4. I Took Time to Get Ready

I always left plenty of time before a date to unwind - usually at least an hour. Taking a relaxing bath or watching a show helped me go into the date feeling calm.

5. I Gave My Friend Details

A close friend always knew where I was going on a date and who I was meeting. I shared contact info and a photo so she could check in.

6. I Stuck to Familiar Spots

I had a few favorite first date spots that I went to regularly. The staff knew me and could tell if I was enjoying the date or not.

7. I Didn't Limit My Options

I tried not to limit who I dated by age, race, religion, etc. I wanted to stay open-minded when meeting new people.

8. I Asked Key Questions

From the beginning, I asked important questions about relationship status, marriage, kids, etc. I often asked certain questions different ways.

9. I Spoke Up If Uncomfortable

I never hesitated to speak up if I felt uneasy or end a date early. My safety was the priority.

While dating, I learned to trust my instincts and be confident about what I wanted. The precautions I took helped me feel empowered to enjoy getting to know new people, leading to some great connections. With the right boundaries, dating can be fun and fulfilling.

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