8 Signs You're Walking on Eggshells in Your Relationship and How to Handle It

September 21, 2023

Relationships can be tricky to navigate. While compromise and understanding are key, it's unhealthy when you feel like you constantly have to censor yourself around your partner. This uncomfortable dynamic is commonly referred to as "walking on eggshells". If you resonate with this feeling, here are 8 signs it may be happening, along with tips on how to handle it.

1. You Avoid Certain Topics Entirely

Do you shy away from bringing up certain subjects, interests, or parts of your life? This could be a red flag you're stifling yourself. As one Redditor shared, "I had to be careful about how I phrased things. I had to have a normal chit chat and talk about other things before bringing something up." Suppressing topics leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

2. You Constantly Apologize

Even when you've done nothing wrong, do you find yourself saying sorry frequently to avoid conflict? As one woman described, "If he was mad, and going after me, I had to use a gentle voice and stay calm." Tiptoeing around your partner's moods is draining.

3. You Can't Express Your Feelings

Being unable to share emotions like sadness, hurt, or anger is problematic. As a Reddit commenter explained, "I couldn't be sad or tired, because he'd take it personally and blow up at me." Good partners make space for you to express yourself.

4. You Monitor Tone and Word Choice

Do you meticulously analyze how to phrase things? One woman shared, "I had to be careful how I worded and phrased things." Overthinking interactions leads to resentment.

5. You Feel Like You're Hiding Your Life

Keeping major parts of your world separate breeds distance. As one person revealed, "I had to lie about why I’d visit my family because he didn’t like them." You deserve to share all of yourself.

6. You Avoid Certain Behaviors

If you stop being your vibrant self to keep the peace, it's a problem. As someone opened up, "I couldn't sing because if I did and I was too happy the song was meant for someone else." Quelling your light dims your spirit.

7. You Feel Lonely Within the Relationship

When you don't feel genuinely seen or heard in the partnership, profound isolation can set in. As a Redditor described, "I just stopped talking completely. There was nothing I could say that wouldn't set him off." This painful dynamic corrodes closeness.

8. You're Afraid of Your Partner's Reactions

Perhaps the clearest sign you're walking on eggshells is when your partner's potential reactions scare you. From outbursts to withdrawal, these responses keep you small and on edge. As one woman confessed, "I didn't mention anything about my ex or I'd be accused of cheating." Fear has no place in love.

If you see your relationship in any of these experiences, have an honest talk with your partner. Explain how the dynamic makes you feel, using "I" statements. Suggest concrete changes to help you both communicate openly and safely. If they refuse to address problems, it may be healthiest to let go. You deserve to feel free to be yourself with a partner who welcomes all of you.

Source: Reddit

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