7 Ways to Tell Andrew Tate Followers You're Not Interested

September 30, 2023

Andrew Tate has become an internet celebrity known for his controversial and misogynistic views. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, his toxic rhetoric has garnered him a cult following of young men who consider themselves "Tate stans."

If you've gone on a date with a Tate stan, you likely experienced comments that made you uncomfortable. Tate is notorious for statements like women belong in the kitchen, men should be in charge, and other outdated gender role enforcement. No one deserves to be subjected to those harmful perspectives.

So how do you gently tell a Tate stan you're just not that into them? Here are some tips:

1. Be Direct But Kind

You don't owe them a long, drawn-out explanation. A simple "I don't think we're very compatible, but I wish you the best" should suffice. If they press you for reasons, you can say "Our values seem misaligned."

Resist the urge to yell or put them down. That may feel satisfying momentarily, but could spur an angry reaction. Kill them with kindness and they have no ammunition.

2. Don't Debate Their Beliefs

Trying to logically explain why Tate's ideology is wrong will likely fall on deaf ears. As the saying goes, "Don't wrestle with pigs - you both get dirty and the pig likes it."

State your position once, firmly. If they keep arguing, reiterate "I'm not interested in debating this further." Broken records are hard to argue with.

3. Suggest Education

If you sense some hope in expanding their worldview, gently nudge them towards writers, speakers, or books that promote equality and respect between genders.

Say "If you're open to challenging Tate's ideas, I'd recommend reading bell hooks. She offers great perspective on modern manhood."

Plant the seed and let it grow without you.

4. Lean On Your Support System

Vent to close friends about the horrible date, but avoid public shaming. That can induce retaliation from humiliated stans.

See if your social circles can help avoid future run-ins. Surround yourself with positive people who build you up.

5. Put Yourself First

This experience can feel icky and violating. Make time for self-care like bubble baths, yoga, or movies with the girls.

Journal about it. Look back later and be proud of yourself for recognizing your worth and walking away from toxicity.

You deserve to feel safe, respected, and happy. Don't let this guy dull your shine. The right match who celebrates your strength is out there.

6. Focus on The Future

Don't dwell on this unpleasant encounter. Chalk it up to experience and consider it a bullet dodged.

Spend time nurturing your interests and passions. Pursue educational and career goals. Keep evolving into your best self.

The right connections will unfold organically when you direct energy towards your growth. This likely won't be the last incompatible match you meet before meeting "the one."

7. Stay True to Your Standards

Never compromise your principles or tolerate disrespect to keep a relationship. You teach others how to treat you.

If a date's values clash with yours, it's perfectly fine to move on. There are over 7 billion people on this planet - you have options.

Next time, vet potential partners more thoroughly beforehand. See if their public persona and social media reveal any red flags.

Trust your intuition. You sensed something was amiss with this guy before the Tate spiel. Follow those hunches.

We all have deal breakers. Identify yours and stick to them, no matter how tempting chemistry may seem.

You've got this! Brush off the Andrew Tate stans of the world and continue being your fabulous self.

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