7 Types of Men Women Should Avoid Dating

September 20, 2023

When looking for a romantic partner, there are certain types of men who tend to exhibit red flags and unhealthy relationship behaviors. While no one is perfect, there are some male dating profiles that should raise immediate alarms for women seeking healthy relationships.

1. Controlling and Manipulative Men

One of the biggest red flags in a man is someone who tries to control or manipulate you. These men often start off being charming, but become possessive and demanding over time. 

Controlling behavior includes things like monitoring who you spend time with, how you dress, filtering your social media accounts, and cutting you off from family/friends.

Manipulators use guilt trips, gaslighting, lying, or emotional blackmail to get their way. A man who loves and respects you will never pressure or coerce you. Controlling behavior tends to escalate and is a sign of potential emotional or physical abuse.

2. Serial Cheaters and Players

While an occasional isolated incident of infidelity doesn't necessarily mean someone will continually cheat, serial cheaters and players should be avoided. If a man has a reputation for womanizing, dishonesty, and cheating in past relationships, those patterns are unlikely to change.

Men who brag about their "conquests" or freely flirt with other women in front of you clearly have no respect. You want a mature partner, not someone who objectifies women and believes in outdated stereotypes. Any indication of multiple concurrent partners is also a huge red flag.

3. Men Who Disrespect Women

One of the fastest ways to identify misogynists is how a man talks about the women in his life. Does he frequently insult, belittle, or talk down to women? Making degrading sexual comments or dismissing women's concerns is a clear sign of disrespect.

You want a man who sees women as equal human beings. Any sexist jokes, put downs of feminism, or gender-based discrimination should be deal breakers. You deserve a true partner who values you.

4. Abusive Men

At the first sign of physical violence, rage issues, or threats, get away safely. Intense jealousy, destroying property, harming pets, and other abusive behaviors will only escalate over time. Do not ignore violent temper, rough handling, or violating consent even once.

Abusers often seem loving and apologetic at first, but lash out under stress. Make your personal safety the priority and get professional help at the first indication abuse may be present.

5. Mama's Boys

While a good relationship with his mother can be a green flag, a full-blown mama's boy who puts her first is problematic. These men often expect you to cater to them the way their mothers did. They run every decision by their mother and let her dictate their social life.

A man shouldn't be dependent on his mother into adulthood. He should be capable of managing his own life and relationships. You want a partner, not someone who defers to his mom about your relationship choices.

6. Peter Pans

The grown man who still acts like an irresponsible teenager is best avoided. These men fear real intimacy and use partying, video games, or non-stop sports to avoid adult responsibilities. Peter Pans chronically struggle holding jobs, maintaining relationships, and are often hooked on immediate pleasure and fun.

You can do better than a man you have to mother. Look for partners who work hard, handle their business, and are emotionally mature. Don't get stuck playing mom to someone who should have grown up years ago.

7. Bad Boys

The appeal of bad boys is understandable, but the reality never lives up to the fantasy. Most women learn the hard way that you cannot "fix" these men. Their self-destructive behavior, risk-taking, and refusal to be vulnerable might seem exciting at first, but grows old fast.

Whether it's addiction issues, infidelity, unusable anger or violence - you are signing up for a relationship rollercoaster with a bad boy. Prioritize your safety and wellbeing by avoiding men who show these toxic behaviors.

While no man is perfect, keeping your radar up for these red flag personality types and unhealthy dynamics is wise. Value yourself enough to hold out for someone truly worthy of your love. The right partner will help you become your best self, not drag you down to their level. Proceed cautiously and trust your gut when dating to find a fulfilling relationship.

Source: Reddit

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