7 Signs She Likes You

September 20, 2023

So you've got your eye on a special someone, but you're not quite sure if the feeling is mutual. Determining if she's actually into you or just being friendly can be tricky. Look for these 7 signs that she likes you to get a better sense of where her interest lies.

1. She Makes Eye Contact and Smiles

When you're chatting with your crush, pay attention to her eyes. Does she maintain eye contact and give you her full focus? Prolonged eye contact is a telltale indicator of interest and attraction. Additionally, if she smiles warmly at you when you're talking, it's a great sign she enjoys your company and wants you to know.

2. She Finds Excuses to Touch You

Whether it's a hand on your arm when laughing at your jokes or a nudge on the shoulder when teasing you, touch is a notable sign of affection. When she engages in casual physical contact with you during interactions, she's likely trying to hint that she wants to get closer to you.

3. She Remembers the Details

When you tell stories or mention tidbits about yourself, does she actively listen, follow along, and then recall what you said later? When someone truly cares, they'll make an effort to remember what's important to you. If she can recite factoids about your life, interests, and preferences, it shows she's paying close attention.

4. Her Body Language is Open

Her posture and positioning can provide clues into how she feels about you. If she turns her body toward you, leans in when you talk, and maintains open body language she's signaling her interest. On the other hand, if she seems closed off, crosses her arms, or turns away, she may be feeling uncomfortable.

Understanding body language is key in decoding feelings. Learn more about how men use body language in our article on 7 ways to tell he's into you.

5. She Laughs at Your Jokes

We all love it when someone genuinely laughs at our puns and quips. And for her, it may be an attempt to subtly show you that she's enamored and charmed. So if she cracks up at your silly jokes that others groan at, it could be a positive sign that she's crushing on you hard.

6. She Engages in Playful Banter

Does she tease you in a fun, flirty way? Witty back-and-forth banter can sometimes denote romantic chemistry between two people. So if she initiates joking, sarcastic exchanges with you, it might be her way of testing the waters to see if you'll reciprocate her interest.

7. She Finds Ways to Keep the Conversation Going

If she continuously prolongs conversations with you by asking follow-up questions or finding new topics when things are winding down, she probably hopes the interaction will continue. If she were uninterested, she would be more likely let the exchange fizzle out. But her efforts to keep the dialogue lively demonstrate that chatting with you is a priority.

The next time you interact with your crush, look for signs like engaged listening, physical contact, focused eye contact, laughing, and enthusiastic conversation. The more boxes she checks off, the stronger the chance she has a crush on you too! Don't forget to also tune into your intuition - it can often sense a genuine connection, even when the signals seem mixed.

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