100 Tips to Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

September 21, 2023

Creating an engaging dating profile is crucial to finding matches online. With so many singles on apps and websites, you need to showcase your authentic, attractive traits in your bio. You don't want to create a lazy dating profile!

Follow these 100 tips to craft an eye-catching profile that reflects the real you:


  1. Include 5-7 recent photos taken in the last year. Mix close-up headshots with full body pics.
  2. Smile naturally in photos. Avoid forced or awkward looking smiles.
  3. Use high-quality, well-lit photos. Avoid blurry, pixelated pics.
  4. Show your hobbies and interests in photos. Pictures of traveling, sports, pets etc.
  5. Get photos taken by others. Don't just use repetitive selfies.


  1. Open with a short, friendly greeting to engage readers.
  2. Share 2-3 specific interests to give people conversation starters.
  3. Describe your ideal Friday night to showcase your lifestyle.
  4. Use a touch of humor if it fits your personality. Avoid cheesy jokes.
  5. List your current location if you want local matches only.


  1. Share positive personality traits to give a sense of your character.
  2. Include qualities you find important in a partner to attract compatible matches.
  3. Mention your values and principles subtly to find like-minded connections.
  4. Describe your decorating style if home and design are passions.
  5. Use one descriptive adjective about yourself and explain why it fits.


  1. Talk about how you spend free time and weekends. Shows routine.
  2. Share your favorite local places and hangouts to encourage meet-ups.
  3. Mention fitness activities and hobbies to find active, engaging matches.
  4. List any languages you speak to indicate multicultural appreciation.
  5. Share causes or volunteering efforts important to you.

Job and Education

  1. Give a general overview of your work and education background. No need for full resume.
  2. Share your field only if you are comfortable being googled by matches.
  3. Mention if you're in school and your intended career path.
  4. Indicate ambitions and goals if career motivations shape your lifestyle.
  5. List "job" as stay-at-home parent or full-time student if applicable.


  1. Share favorite travel destinations and why you loved them.
  2. Mention dream vacations on your wish list.
  3. Describe your travel style - adventurer, planner, foodie etc.
  4. List countries or regions you've visited to showcase cosmopolitan flair.
  5. Share tips from local gems off the tourist path to spark conversations.


  1. List a few favorite movies, TV shows, books or bands.
  2. Mention the type of music you enjoy listening to.
  3. Share podcasts you follow if podcast nerd describes you.
  4. List favorite sports teams or athletes you admire.
  5. Share genres of books you read for bookworm matches.

Food and Dining

  1. List your go-to comfort food for a homey touch.
  2. Share new cuisines or trends you want to try.
  3. Mention stylish date spots near you to generate outing ideas.
  4. Share your favorite local restaurant to display refined tastes.
  5. List dietary preferences like vegetarian or gluten-free if applicable.

Personality Traits

  1. Use words like passionate, adventurous or charming if they describe you.
  2. Share important values like open-mindedness, loyalty or positivity.
  3. Include faithful, affectionate or family-oriented if those qualities matter to you.
  4. Use driven, ambitious or hard-working if career motivates you.
  5. Mention if you're an extrovert who loves being social.

What You're Looking For

  1. Generally explain your dating goals - casual fun, relationship etc.
  2. Share qualities that attract you most to generate compatible matches.
  3. List "no hookups" or "no players" if you want serious prospects only.
  4. Say if you're looking to date locally or open to long distance.
  5. Mention if you date one person at a time when focused on finding the one.

First Date Tips

  1. Suggest icebreaker topics to get conversation flowing from the start.
  2. List date activities you enjoy to give matches solid ideas.
  3. Mention times you're typically free for dates to facilitate planning.
  4. Share your preference for indoor or outdoor dates.
  5. Subtly emphasize safety by saying you prefer meeting in public first.

Managing Expectations

  1. Give a general overview of your current lifestyle and routine.
  2. Briefly explain if you have kids so matches understand your availability.
  3. Casually mention if you have pets that are a big part of your life.
  4. List any hobbies that are serious passions taking up free time.
  5. Say if you frequently travel for work to set frequency expectations.

Sense of Humor

  1. Share a funny tidbit or quirk about yourself to show you don't take yourself too seriously.
  2. Use a clever play on words or fun rhyme if you have a creative side.
  3. Mention a weird talent or ability if you have one! Like wiggling ears.
  4. Quote a line from a favorite comedy movie or show.
  5. Include an amusing childhood story or nickname.

Confidence Boosters

  1. List recent accomplishments like races, projects or milestones.
  2. Share a passion you excel at like baking, photography or crafting.
  3. Mention leadership roles and volunteering efforts.
  4. Talk about skills you've mastered like playing an instrument.
  5. Describe awards or recognition you’ve received if relevant.

Conversation Starters

  1. Ask an engaging question at the end to encourage messages.
  2. Share an adventurous experience and ask if matches have tried it.
  3. Ask for Netflix or book recommendations related to your interests.
  4. Ask about dream vacations or bucket list goals.
  5. End with a call to action like suggesting a meet up activity.

Choosing Photos

  1. Don't use group photos where matches can't tell who you are.
  2. Pick photos with good posture instead of slouching.
  3. Avoid photos with exes or other romantic interests who may be misinterpreted.
  4. Don’t heavily filter or edit photos so you still look like yourself.
  5. Verify photos are not blurry or pixelated on the app before posting.

Photo Variety

  1. Include a professional headshot along with casual pics.
  2. Show your social side with photos at events, bars or parties.
  3. Display your interests with activity pics - golfing, hiking, volunteering etc.
  4. Share travel photos from trips around your state or the world.
  5. Use a photo with your pet if you have one!

Bio Length

  1. Keep your bio reasonably concise. Giant blocks of text are daunting.
  2. Summarize yourself in 2-3 short paragraphs as people skim on apps.
  3. Lead with your most catchy qualities, then expand in each paragraph.
  4. Include enough detail to pique interest, but leave some mystery too.
  5. End with a question or call to action to encourage messaging.


  1. Show your genuine personality - quirks and all. The right match will appreciate the real you.
  2. Don't try to totally reinvent yourself. Small tweaks to highlight strengths work better.
  3. Use examples and stories to demonstrate traits so you don't just state them.
  4. Admit imperfections in an endearing, authentic way. No one’s perfect.
  5. Avoid clichés and just write conversationally like you would speak.


  1. Present yourself in a positive light rather than focusing on negatives.
  2. If mentioning past relationships, keep it upbeat - no bashing exes.
  3. Share lessons you learned from past mistakes rather than dwelling on them.
  4. If you have kids, talk about how they positively enrich your life.
  5. End your bio on an encouraging, optimistic note for best results.

With these 100 tips, you're ready to create a dating profile that shows off your impressive, genuine self while inviting romantic connections. Remember to periodically update and refresh your bio as you grow. 

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