10 Tips for Telling a Partner You're a Virgin

September 30, 2023

You've started dating an amazing woman and things seem to be getting serious. You really like her and can see a future together. There's just one problem - you're still a virgin. You're worried she might judge you or lose interest if she finds out. So how do you tell her you're a virgin when the time comes?

First, don't panic. Being a virgin isn't something to be embarrassed about. Here are 10 tips to make telling her and your first time together go smoothly:

1. Wait for the Right Moment

Don't blurt out that you're a virgin the moment you see her. Wait until things start heating up physically and it's clear you're going to have sex soon. Telling her out of nowhere can make it awkward.

2. Don't Make a Big Deal Out of It

Don't act like being a virgin is this huge shameful secret. Be casual and confident. Say something like "I wanted to let you know I haven't gone all the way with someone before, but I'm excited to experience that with you."

3. Explain Why If Needed

If she seems surprised, explain briefly why you've stayed a virgin. Were you focused on your career? Waiting for the right person? Let her know it's not because you're undesirable.

4. Assure Her You Want This

Make sure she knows you really want to have sex with her and aren't just doing it because you feel like you have to lose your virginity. Your attraction to her is real.

5. Ask Her to Take the Lead

Since this is all new to you, ask her to take charge your first time. Say something like "I'd love for you to take the lead and show me how to please you."

6. Be Honest About Any Nerves

It's totally normal to be nervous your first time. Admit it if needed and ask her to be patient. Feeling comfortable together is most important.

7. Discuss Protection and Consent

Have an open talk about using protection and consent. This shows you respect her and are taking it seriously.

8. Try Other Intimacy First

Before going all the way, make out, touch each other, perform oral sex. It will help you get comfortable being intimate together.

9. Go Slow and Communicate

During sex, have her guide you. Check in often to make sure you're both feeling good. Don't be afraid to speak up!

10. Cuddle and Talk After

Sex releases bonding hormones. Cuddle, kiss, and talk afterwards. Ask what she enjoyed and if there's anything you can improve on.

Telling a new partner you're a virgin can feel scary. But if done right, most women will appreciate your honesty. Follow these tips for a great experience you'll both remember fondly!

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