10 Things Women Wish Male Partners Knew About Their Sexual Needs

September 22, 2023

Having great sex takes communication, empathy, and mindfulness from both partners. While everyone is different, there are some common things that many women wish their sexual partners understood better. Here are 10 key insights into how to be a more considerate, attentive lover according to women themselves:

1. Mental Stimulation Matters

For many women, sex starts in the mind. Taking time to mentally engage them, make them feel desired, safe, and aroused before any physical contact can make a big difference. Building sexual tension throughout the day with flirting, thoughtful gestures, and positive affirmation helps get their head in the game.

2. Foreplay Foreplay Foreplay

Taking things slow with extended foreplay helps women get physically and mentally aroused. Kissing, massaging, and manually stimulating her clitoris, breasts, and vagina before penetration is key. Don't treat foreplay like a brief requirement before rushing into intercourse.

3. The Clitoris is Key

Understand anatomy. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings and is the key to orgasm for most women. Take time to stimulate it manually and orally before and during penetration. Many women also enjoy gentle clitoral stimulation during oral sex.

4. Wetness Doesn't Equal Readiness

Vaginal lubrication alone doesn't necessarily mean she's fully aroused and ready for penetration. Take cues from her breathing, body language and verbal communication as well. Some health issues and medications can also affect lubrication.

5. Pressure to Orgasm Backfires

For many women, getting pressured to climax makes it harder to get there. Creating a relaxed, intimate environment focused on pleasure helps them get out of their head. Tell her to take as long as she needs and just enjoy herself rather than worrying about reaching the finish line.

6. Consistency is Key

When she communicates that something feels good, don't switch it up. Consistent technique and rhythm is key to building the steady stimulation most women need to climax.

7. Communication is Crucial

Check in with her preferences, desires, dislikes and boundaries before getting physical. Everyone has different erogenous zones, turn-ons and comfort levels. Listen and adjust accordingly rather than assuming what worked for a past partner will work for her.

8. Reciprocation Matters

Make pleasuring her a priority not an afterthought. Her enjoyment is just as important as yours. Use your hands, mouth and toys to help her orgasm if needed before or after penetration.

9. Afterplay Provides Connection

Cuddling, talking, and physical intimacy after sex makes women feel valued, appreciated and connected. Don't just roll over and start scrolling on your phone when you finish.

10. Enthusiastic Consent is Essential

Never pressure her into doing anything she's not excited about or comfortable with. Confirm she feels safe, respected and is enthusiastically consenting every step of the way.

Knowing and thoughtfully applying these insights can help take your intimate life to a whole new level of fulfillment, passion and satisfaction. Paying attention to your partner's unique desires while incorporating this collective wisdom can set the stage for truly next-level lovemaking.

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