10 Red Flags to Look Out For When Dating Men

September 21, 2023

Dating can be fun and exciting, but it's important to keep your eyes open for any red flags that could signal trouble down the road. Here are 10 red flags to look out for when dating men:

1. He's controlling or possessive.

This could include things like demanding to know where you are at all times, telling you what to wear, or wanting to make all the decisions in the relationship. These are major warning signs that he doesn't respect your autonomy.

2. He has a bad temper. 

If he gets angry or aggressive easily, it's a big red flag. Watch how he acts in frustrating situations - does he yell, throw things, or sulk? Anger issues typically don't improve without therapy.

3. He's dishonest or secretive. 

Notice if he lies about little things, dodges questions, or keeps parts of his life very private. Honesty and openness are essential for a healthy relationship.

4. He doesn't respect your boundaries. 

Pay attention if he ignores your requests, tries to guilt you, or pressures you to do things you aren't comfortable with. True caring partners will never push your boundaries.

5. He mistreats or disrespects you. 

Even subtle put-downs, negging, and name-calling are unacceptable. You should always feel valued, respected, and cared for in a relationship.

6. He's irresponsible with money. 

Watch for signs he overspends, gambles, can't hold down a job, or makes no effort to pay debts. Financial compatibility is key for any long-term partnership.

7. He has a history of cheating. 

Past infidelity doesn't always mean he'll cheat again, but it's a possibility worth considering carefully. Ensure he takes responsibility for past behavior.

8. He abuses drugs or alcohol. 

More than occasional social drinking or pot smoking may indicate a substance abuse problem. This will wreak havoc on your relationship.

9. None of your friends or family like him. 

Pay attention if the important people in your life notice red flags or just get a bad feeling about him. They might pick up on problems you miss.

10. He has a history of violence. 

Any past domestic abuse, stalking, or involvement with the law should be an instant dealbreaker. You deserve to feel completely safe with your partner.

The early days of dating someone new are the perfect time to look out for red flags. Don't ignore those uneasy feelings - if several items on this list ring true, it may be best to end the relationship. 

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