10 Crossed Boundaries That Can Damage A Relationship (Even If It's Not Cheating)

September 21, 2023

Trust and strong communication are essential for any healthy relationship. While outright cheating is an obvious relationship-breaker, there are plenty of other crossed boundaries that can slowly corrode the foundation of a partnership. Even if certain behaviors don't quite classify as "cheating," they may signify deeper issues that need to be addressed.

Here are 10 crossed boundaries that can potentially damage a relationship, even if they fall into a gray area:

1. Emotional affairs

Developing a close emotional bond with someone other than your partner can tread into emotional affair territory. This could involve frequently confiding in them, flirting, expressing attraction, sharing intimate details about your relationship, or spending time with them behind your partner's back. While not a physical affair, emotional affairs indicate divided intimacy and attention.

2. Secret friendships

Having platonic friendships outside your relationship is healthy. However, hiding certain friendships or deleting conversations can raise suspicions, even if the content is innocent. Keeping your partner in the loop about your friendships fosters openness.

3. Excessive social media use

Liking and commenting on an acquaintance's provocative social media photos or constantly messaging someone you find attractive can be a slippery slope, especially without your partner's knowledge. These interactions may seem harmless, but can evolve into something more dangerous.

4. Saving old photos

Keeping nostalgic photos of exes lying around or as screen savers crosses a line for many, especially when used as "material." While everyone has a past, holding onto old romantic memorabilia indicates a clinging to former attachments.

5. Jokes involving others

Inside jokes or running commentary about someone you find attractive, even if your partner isn't present, is disrespectful. So is making fun of your partner with others. A partner should be built up, not belittled.

6. Flirting

Exchanging overly friendly, touchy, or sexually-tinged banter with someone else counts as emotional cheating for many couples. Flirting indicates a willingness to test the waters and leads down an unfaithful path.

7. Lying about plans

Covering up hang outs or being shady about your whereabouts breeds mistrust. While innocent in nature, deception paves the way for bigger betrayals.

8. Bringing up exes

Discussing intimate details about past relationships or frequently mentioning how great an ex was plants seeds of insecurity. Such trips down memory lane suggest holding a torch for ex-flames.

9. Private conversations

Everyone needs friends to confide in, but consistently venting about relationship problems or discussing intimate life details with outsiders crosses a line. Your partner should be your go-to confidant.

10. Solo outings with potential suitors

One-on-one hangouts with attractive acquaintances, especially those who've expressed romantic interest, are date-like situations that make partners uncomfortable. Prioritizing others' company over your partner damages relationship quality time.

While not all of the above constitute obvious infidelity, they can slowly deteriorate the care and exclusivity that relationships require. Being attentive to your partner's comfort levels and establishing mutual boundaries helps avoid crossed wires. With open communication and respect for each other's feelings, couples can preemptively dodge landmine behaviors and reinforce their commitment.

What other boundary-crossing behaviors have you encountered in relationships? How did you address them positively as a couple? Let me know in the comments!

Source: Reddit

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