10 Tips on How to Ace Your Next Virtual Date

November 23, 2021

The events of the past year have made dating really difficult. You don’t want to go out to a public place to meet people if you are not sure that you will be safe. This means that virtual dating is the way to go.

That being said, it can be hard to prepare for a virtual date. How will you talk to the person without being sure how they are reacting to you? How will you handle interactions that are done long-distance? How will you be able to tell if you like the person that you are talking to or feel comfortable with them?

If you need some tips on how to ace your next virtual date, you need to read on for more information!

What is a Virtual Date?

Virtual dates are remote dates that are set up through the use of Zoom or another meeting application that allows you to see your date online in real-time. You will be seated in your living room or your kitchen, but going on a virtual date with your potential suitor. This is a beneficial way to meet someone if you cannot go out safely right now due to world events.

Many people use virtual dates to get started along the process of meeting people before they take the next step and decide to meet up. This can be a good safety option as well if you are a single woman without anyone to come with you to the location. 

Virtual dates have a lot of advantages but there are some things that are hard about the process of dating in this way. Virtual dating can be a great way to get started down the road of knowing someone new before you choose to meet them for a drink or head out to dinner with them. Always remember to err on the side of caution and do not tell anyone you address or any deeply personal details about you if you are not totally sure that you can trust the person yet.

10 Tips on How to Ace Your Next Virtual Date

1.       Lighting

This can seem like it won’t matter, but the lighting that you have on your face during your call can make a big difference in the impression that you make during your date. Having too much light on your face can make you appear washed out and can sometimes lend your face a skeletal look.

2.       Make Sure You Show Up

You want to be sure that your date can see your face clearly and that you do not sit under the light that makes you look like you are not healthy or like your face is very pale. The light that you choose can also make it possible for you to set a certain mood. Lower light is more romantic and you should think about the kind of mood that you will get from a romantic restaurant.

3.       Drinks

You should not think that virtual dates mean that you cannot drink. If you need a little liquid courage or you want to enjoy the same drink that you would order if you were at a restaurant, you should do that. This can help you to keep things fun and light. Just make sure that you do not get too saucy.

If you know how much you can drink to have a little fun without going too far, this is an important line not to cross. You have to remember that communication is harder through virtual means as it is. Adding being tipsy to the mix can make your date really hard to navigate.

4.       Have Fun

Drinking a little or planning some icebreaker questions can add an air of casual fun to the experience that you might not be able to tap into without this part of the normal dating process involved. If you do not drink, that is fine, but many people get a couple of cocktails when they meet someone out for the first time. There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve this activity for your virtual dating experiences. Consider inviting the other person to have a drink with you before you call in to chat.

5.       Think of Your Background

If you are going to sit in your office, then you should clean up a bit before you call. You should always consider the backdrop of your call. Laundry that is sitting around or messy clutter can actually create a bad impression for your date. You might not want to judge someone with a dirty or messy background, but it can be hard not to. Even if this is the one place in your house that is not immaculate, you have to remember that this is the only thing that your date will see during the whole call.

You might not want to feel that way about the person that you are talking to but it can be hard not to be judgmental when you see a mess in the background of your call. Everyone wants to be sure that they are going to be dating someone that they like living with at some stage of the relationship, and seeming like a slob can be damaging to your relationship before it even has a chance to get rolling.

6.       Make Sure to Think of the Colors Behind You

It can be surprisingly distracting to look at a bright background or a chaotic background when you are on a zoom call. Think about the people that you have engaged with during Zoom meetings that had really disorienting backgrounds behind them. Bet that was all you could think about during the call! This is why you need to think about trying to have your Zoom call or meet up in front of an attractive background that will not become the center of the show during your date.

7.       Use Canned Backgrounds

For those who are easily distracted by the background of the call, you should make sure that you use one of the canned backgrounds, or better yet, you should just blur the background. The background of your call can lead to a lot of impressions about you that you might want to avoid. Beyond that, sometimes the background will cause you to appear strange on the Zoom call screen.

8.       Angles Game

This is probably obvious if you have ever tried to take a selfie and have struggled. You should look at the ways that your face appears best when focused on a Zoom call and try to be sure that you are sitting properly in the frame to show your best side. There is something about angles that can impact your overall presentation of your looks, and while this should not be the sole consideration of placing yourself in front of the camera, you should think about this factor.

9.       Consider Body Placement

There are some placements of your body in front of the camera that can totally change the way that you look. Practice looking at yourself in your webcam or in your phone camera so that you can see which side is your best and which side is not your best. This can help you to find the right angle for your face that makes you look your best.

10.   Consider Camera Placement

Make sure that you are not staring down into the camera as you talk or appearing to look over the head of the person that you are talking with. Try to make yourself look as natural as you can and make sure that you are set up just like if you were chatting with your date across the table at a restaurant or coffee shop.

Planning a Virtual Date Does Not Have to be Hard

Using these tips and tricks you will be able to plan the best date you have ever arranged. Virtual dating can be just as fun as dating in real life. Plan ahead a little bit and you will have a lot of fun on your virtual date.