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Run a virtual speed dating event.

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What types of
speed dating
can you

Filter Off offers Private
virtual dating events.

Who can
run an event?

The Filter Off app is a great way for
brands, non-profits, religious
matchmakers, and influencers to
provide their audience & members a
way to
connect romantically.

What are
private events?

Organizations can host private virtual
events for their audience to meet
like-minded singles!

Stay top of mind

Connect with your existing audience providing them branded fun virtual experiences.

Grow your crowd

Provide brand recognition and awareness by running branded private virtual events for prospective members.


Connect with event attendees after the event and keep them in the know.

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Types of
virtual dating events

We’ve run thousands of events with thousands of attendees. Come
run yours with us.

Health, wellness, &
fitness companies

Runner Lovers in LA, Train Together, Stay Together

Dating coaches & matchmakers

Virtual private speed dating events exclusively for your members

Career-based groups

Entrepreneurs looking for love, Frontline health workers

Consumer and lifestyle brands

Personal development lovers, EDM music fans

Religious and community based organizations

Jewish, Christian, Desi singles

Media companies

Kulture Hub fans & members

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