Virtual dating
events for your

Run a virtual speed dating event.

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What types of
speed dating
can you

Filter Off offers Private and Sponsored
virtual dating events.

Who can
run an event?

The Filter Off app is a great way for
brands, non-profits, religious
matchmakers, and influencers to
provide their audience & members a
way to
connect romantically.

What are
private events?

Organizations can host private virtual
events for their audience to meet
like-minded singles!

Stay top of mind

Connect with your existing audience providing them branded fun virtual experiences.

Grow your crowd

Provide brand recognition and awareness by running branded private virtual events for prospective members.


Connect with event attendees after the event and keep them in the know.

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What are
sponsored events?

Sponsored events are a great way to
new customers by hosting branded events on
Filter Off and market directly to your niche

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Types of
virtual dating events

We’ve run thousands of events with thousands of attendees. Come
run yours with us.

Health, wellness, &
fitness companies

Runner Lovers in LA, Train Together, Stay Together

Dating coaches & matchmakers

Virtual private speed dating events exclusively for your members

Career-based groups

Entrepreneurs looking for love, Frontline health workers

Consumer and lifestyle brands

Personal development lovers, EDM music fans

Religious and community based organizations

Jewish, Christian, Desi singles

Media companies

Kulture Hub fans & members

we’ve collaborated with:

Run an event


Can I configure the video speed dating events?

Yes, you can configure the length of each speed date as well as the number of dates users can get per event.

What is the RSVP code used for and can I create one?

The RSVP code is used for private virtual speed dating events. You will give your attendees a code to join the event. You can configure the code to your liking.

How quickly can I create a virtual dating event?

We can create an event for you in as little as 24 hours.

If I would like to create a private event what information do you need?

We would need the title of the event, a brief 1-2 sentence description, RSVP code, date and time of the event with the time zone, location and the radius of the event, square logo, length of speed date (recommended is 3-5 minutes).

What do you mean by the radius of the event?

When we create a private event we require the radius of the event. For example, if your event is in Los Angeles you can make the radius 120 miles so your members in San Diego can also attend. However, this means that singles in LA can match with singles in San Diego. You can also create events in different cities to circumvent this.

How much notice do you recommend before my first virtual dating event?

We recommend scheduling events at least 2 weeks out for optimum RSVPs.

Do I need an equal amount of men and women for my event?

No, but we encourage that it is not totally lopsided. The Filter Off algorithm will account for the gender imbalance and do its best that everyone gets dates.

What preferences are taken into account for events?

Filter Off takes into account age preference and gender interest. We can include additional preferences for larger events.

Can my event be of all ages?

Yes, however, if you have a turnout below 40 people we recommend that you list an age range for your event.

Can I host an LGBTQ event?

Yes, we offer the ability for daters to date male, female, or both with the option for other genders coming soon.

Can I charge my attendees?

Yes, if you’d like to charge your attendees you can use a platform such as Eventbrite. When they purchase a ticket you would then provide them the RSVP code so they can register for the event.

Can Filter Off users see my private events?

The events are visible to Filter Off users if they’re within the radius of your event.

What is the difference between a private and a sponsored event?

Private virtual speed dating events provide membership perks for your audience to meet like-minded singles! While Sponsored events are a great way to find new customers by hosting branded events on Filter Off and market directly to your niche audience.

Can I run events in multiple cities?

Yes, you can run events in multiple cities so that your members can date in those particular cities.

Can I run a global event?

Yes, you can run a global event which means that your members can date each other around the world.

Can I charge for my event?

Yes. This is popular with our matchmaker and dating coaches who charge prospective clients a fee to attend the event. After payment through a platform such as Eventbrite the organizer will share the RSVP code which is then used to access the Filter Off event.

Can I get a demo of an event?

Yes, contact us.

Do private events cost money to run?

Potentially, it is based on the number of users and the complexity of the pool. Contact us for pricing.

Do sponsored events cost money to run?

Yes, if you’d like to sponsor an event there is a cost associated with it. The price varies based on the reach. Contact us for pricing.

How does the system handle attendees who don't show up to their dates?

We will remove members who do not show up on the event so that it doesn’t impact the other daters.

Are there reporting capabilities?

Yes, we take reporting very seriously. If someone acts inappropriately we will remove them from the platform.

What is your data privacy?

Filter Off encrypts in transit and at rest. The video is being used via WebRTC so video content is not stored on Filter Off’s servers.